Bring On The Snow !

The past couple of weeks have brought snow flurries here and there.  The last couple of days have been cold … bitterly cold.  Too cold to snow, as my mom would say.  Come Thursday, Mom could be proven wrong.  My in-house weatherman (and NOAA) tells me that the temperatures will not get above freezing and the snow is to start late in the afternoon with 3 – 5″ inches of the white stuff should fall into the night.

While out one morning with Otis, I spied these snow crystals hanging by a remnant of a spider web.  I dashed back to the house to grab my camera, but when I got back to the spot where the ice crystals were, I couldn’t find them.  Finally, I found them, snapped one shot off before Otis ran over to see what I was doing.  In true Otis fashion, he ran right through the web and demolished my photography subject.

Life has been a bit unsettled for the Adventure Hounds the past month and Roxy has been coping by protecting various items around the house.  Most recently, it has been Randy’s slippers that has been the object of her attention.  She even protects the slippers from Randy.

Poor Otis scraped up his nose burying his antlers.  Or his Jolly Ball.  Or both.  While I have the antlers stashed in the closet, I have not seen the Jolly Ball for quite some time.

Randy and I ventured into the big city of Coeur d’Alene to have linner (*) at the Bardenay Distillery.  I ordered teriyaki salmon satay and oh, my holy stars, was it delicious.  As was the berry cobbler with homemade ice cream that Randy and I shared for dessert.

(*) linner – the meal in-between lunch and dinner

Randy and I went to linner with Dannie and Mark (who invented linner), two great people who live in our neighborhood.  Roxy and Otis adore Dannie and Mark and the feeling is mutual.  Roxy and Otis have good taste, as Randy and I think the world of Dannie and Mark as well.

Roxy is taking a break from guarding Randy’s slippers to watch ‘Parks & Recreation’ with me.  We are watching the series all over again from the very beginning.  It is one of our favorite shows.  Since Roxy is in the guarding mood, she has taken custody of my flannel shirt.  Randy took this opportunity to snag his slippers.

While binge watching Parks and Recreation on Hulu a commercial for the new movie ‘Sing’ keeps popping up.  I have fallen in love with the ice skating pig, Gunther.

The Hoodoo Mountains are spectacular any day of the week, the addition of new snow makes them even more spectacular-er.

Randy has a big event coming up next week.  With the weather getting snowy-er and snowy-er, it is important that all of his four-wheeled toys will fit into the garage.  With other chores and activities that we have on the agenda, we have only been able to work on the garage a little each day.  But we will get it done, that I am sure of.

Here is another beautiful view of the Hoodoo Mountains from Spring Valley.  Randy, Roxy, Otis and I were on our way to the recycler.

At the recycler, my job was to dump our squished cans into the dumpster.  I was overwhelmed and entranced by the sheer magnitude of the volume of aluminum cans in that container.

As you can see, I will take pictures of most anything.

Otis says, “bring on the snow !  I am ready !”

What do you think?