Finding Normal

I have taken a slight blogging hiatus this month to tend to the man of my dreams, who had open-heart surgery on December 13th.  The past week has been unusual, to say the least.  In fact, our lives have been a bit topsy-turvy since October 22nd, when Randy started on this Heart Adventure of his.  That is when we found out that he would facing surgery to replace his very damaged aortic valve.

Randy has surprised everyone by coming home after spending only three nights in the hospital.  (The average stay for surgery such as this is five to seven days.)  The healing process is a slow one, but one Randy is determined to make.

That man is amazing.

Snow !  We have had some and then some.  I haven’t measured how deep it is, but we are sure to have well over a foot out there.  If the weather people are correct, more is on the way for us.

Oh, but the dogs, they are loving the snow.  Neither one of them was crazy about being outside too long when the temperatures went below zero.  Which was fine by me !

The dogs take me out about half dozen times a day to run, jump and play in the snow.  I have given up on having clean floors in the motorhome.

Randy and I are so blessed to have our Spring Ridge neighbors.  The offers of help have been overwhelming.  Dinner has been brought to us, I was given a ride to the hospital when the roads were icy, and our driveway has been kept clear of the snow, just to name a few of the nice things people have done for us.

I have no clue why I like this picture.  Maybe because it reflects how crooked our lives have been for the last few weeks.

The snow fell, the sun came out and the temperatures reached above freezing.  HEAT WAVE !  The snow on the roofs of the buildings have started to slide down, then it froze in place.  From inside the motorhome, a slab of snow sounded like thunder when it came off the RV port roof.  You can be sure that I am being very careful not to walk under the eaves of the buildings until all the snow is gone.

I may be avoiding those eves until March.

This picture of the Ponderay River was taken a earlier in the month.  Last week, when I went into town, the river was frozen over.  Diamond Lake, down the highway from us, is also frozen over.

Yesterday, Randy’s caretakers ran to town to do some errands.  I wasn’t excited to leave Randy alone, but I trusted him not to do any vacuuming or laundry while I was gone.  He should wait until I get home to do his chores !

Kidding …

Snow !  We are in for more over tonight and into Friday.  While I failed on my prediction for a white Thanksgiving, I am very sure there will be a white Christmas in Newport !

4 thoughts on “Finding Normal

  1. Nice having friends and neighbors that can help in time of need…….Have a great christmas ….Do you have a chimney on you MH….just wondering how Santa was going to get coffee and cookies.

  2. Get well soon Randy. You take care too Dorothy. Try not to run yourself ragged. Stay warm . Merry Christmas Happy New Years.Peggy

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