First Tuesday Good Things

If you know me, you know that I am obsessive about my lip gloss.  I gotta have it.  I panic if I don’t have a tube in my pocket.  I panic if I lose a tube.  I have them stashed in every corner of the motorhome, in every bag, in every vehicle.  Randy, I mean, Santa, would always put a package in my stocking at Christmas.  The container in the picture above must be a million years old.

Sooo … I was running low on lip gloss (translated to mean that I was down to five tubes in my drawer).  Look what the UPS man, I mean, Santa, delivered !  A double pack of Chapstick !  Twenty-four, count ’em, twenty-four tubes.  This package may very well last me for all of 2017.

Roxy and Otis have been taking such good care of Randy since he came home from the hospital.  For the first few days that he was home, neither one of them wanted to lose sight of Randy.  Especially Roxy.  She was stuck to Randy like glue.

Otis is a very sensitive boy.  He has many ways of showing affection and one of them is licking our hands.

Roxy and Randy took a nap on the couch.  She couldn’t get close enough to him.

On our last visit to Costco, Randy encouraged me to purchase a pair of snow pants.  Oh, my holy stars ! Those pants are the best investment I have made.  Right now, we have about two feet of snow and very cold temperatures for the next couples of days.  Then more snow !


What better way to warm up after playing outside in the cold and snow with Roxy and Otis than with a hot buttered rum.  Or, a hot buttered (sans rum).  Made all the better when its made in my new Hawaii mug.

Do make note the lipgloss in the background !  They are everywhere !

One thought on “First Tuesday Good Things

  1. Ah, a kindred spirit… only have 20 various lip
    products. Hope Randy is on the mend. BTB,
    forgot our daughters’ M-I-L lived on Diamond
    Lake for 30 + years …97 ” of snow one year!
    Happy New Year from Dooney…smart move
    on the ski pants, ha!

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