No Good Time To Get The Flu

… The thermo-meter read -11 ° this past Wednesday morn …

… The water into the motorhome, despite our best preventative measures, had frozen …

… Otis was having personal issues with what remained of his boy parts …

…Oh, and Randy was just past the three week mark from having major heart surgery.

What better time for me to get the flu.

I started the morning just fine.  Then an innocent breakfast of a piece of toast topped with strawberry jam decided to send my my entire well being into a fit.

It was downhill from there.  I was in seriously sad shape for the entire day, although, I did rally later in the afternoon.  That lasted for only a couple of hours before I came crashing down.  By that time, I gave up on the day and went back to bed.

My biggest concern was Randy catching this, oh, so nasty bug.  I will forever thank the Good Lord that he didn’t.  Although, being on dog duty for the better part of the day did him in.  He is very sore from having to take his coat on and off.  While walking is his heart-healthy exercise of choice, walking outside in sub-zero weather was not in the plan at all.  Not to mention the fear of him slipping and falling.  I know he is careful, but it is so very slippery outside.

On Wednesday, I was at about 35%.  While I was not feeling good by any stretch, at least I was able to take care of Roxy and Otis.  That alone made me feel better as it gave Randy a chance to rest.

Yesterday, I hit the 75% mark.  And although I was reluctant to go to the grocery store, it was a necessity.  I certainly did not want to catch another bug in my weakened condition and bring it home to Randy.  Oh, my holy stars !  There were more than a few sniffly and coughing people at Safeway.  I kept my head down, got my groceries bought and myself outta there as quickly as possible.

For the most part, I will rate today a 100%.  I do have some advice … if you are an unfortunate soul and get attacked by this bug, find yourself a soft comfy blanket, maybe a pillow and a spot on the bathroom floor.  Because you ain’t movin’ for a while.

What do you think?