December Odds & Ends Part #1

I don’t know where I was when I saw this … but it always makes me chuckle inside when I see a pay phone.  A relic … I wonder if it still works?

Randy had surgery at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane.  Deaconess, and its adjoining medical building, was a quagmire to negotiate for us newbies.  The staff was very helpful, they seemed to be able to identify dazed and confused looks as people who needed some extra guidance.  The Respiratory Etiquette Stations were helpful landmarks as well.

I (smartly) opted to remain in Spokane the night of Randy’s surgery.  I got back to the hotel room about 2pm dead tired and very hungry.  I napped a bit while waiting for the restaurant in the hotel to open at 5pm.  I had a very expensive, mediocre dinner and a very tasty glass of wine, sitting almost alone in the restaraunt.

I found this sign on the coffee cart in the hospital cafeteria.

Roxy has now decided that she no longer likes the pumpkin / banana treats that I make.  This, of course, after I made a batch of them.  She wants the banana / peanut butter flavor.  Picky girl, our princess.

Otis, well, Otis don’t care what flavor his treats are, just as long as we keep them coming.  He thinks the longer he sits in the cold snow, the more treats he will get.  He’s right.

Turkeys were everywhere in December !  They probably were happy that the holidays were over and they could be out and about without worrying about ending up being the centerpiece at the dinner table.

Since cabin fever is a real thing, as often as possible, I braved the super-cold weather and took me and the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood.  I had to be careful because the icy snow packs in-between the dog’s pads and causes them to start limping and looking at me for help.  But we had to get out of the house.

What are Roxy and Otis looking at you ask?

We had come across a rafter of turkeys while walking.  One ended up in the tree.  Roxy and Otis didn’t bark, didn’t get excited, they just looked up in the tree in amazement at the turkey.

December didn’t have much for temperatures that were above freezing, but the sun did come out every so often.  The sun melted enough of the snow to have it start sliding off the roofs, then it froze again.  This overhang of snow on the garage was very impressive.  I had to make very sure that I was not standing underneath it in case it decided to slide off the roof completely.

Stay tuned for part #2.

7 thoughts on “December Odds & Ends Part #1

  1. Wine seems to be a feature of your adventures, heartily approve! BTW Bag Balm on
    paw pads and ear tips worked wonders in Cape Cod snow. Apply outside so as not
    to gunk up floors :))). Dooney

  2. HI Dorothy….you need to call for friends to come and be at your side at hard times.Family and friends make the hard times a little bit easier.I would go the extra mile to help you anytime.That is how much I value our friendship……

  3. The snow one was way cool . It happen to us once. Took our gutters with it.Peggy

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