December Odds & Ends Part #2

In case you missed it, here is the link to : December Odds & Ends Part #1.

On those times that I was too lazy to walk around the neighborhood, Roxy and Otis and I traipsed around the snow on our property.  There are deer tracks everywhere.  These brave dogs risk frostbitten paws to stare intently at the woods in hopes of making a critter appear.

Otis, who can find a treasure anywhere, found an old roll of packing tape buried in the snow.  It was his favorite new toy.  Until I took it away.

The melting snow made for some impressive icicles.  We have some that are over two feet long.  In town, there were buildings where their entire eaves are covered in icicles.

Otis will not lay eyes on his softball until all the snow is gone.  I think it is buried in a snow bank along the driveway, and his red Jolly Ball somewhere out in the yard.  I get a kick out of watching Roxy and Otis maneuver around in our three feet of snow.  Otis, who has never been one to go around when he can go through, just plows through the snow.  Roxy, the princess, navigates the deep snow by delicately hopping her way through it.

Roxy, who always has had the need to protect and guard something, decided that nobody was going to get Randy’s slippers.  Including Randy.

Somebody was a little tipsy when they waddled home one night !

Roxy loves to ‘hide’ and ambush Otis.

Yes, Otis, Mom got the truck stuck in the driveway.  Randy, two weeks home from heart surgery, got the truck unstuck.

Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy sent Roxy and Otis new toys for Christmas.  Otis the Destroyer, immediately chewed his in half to get the squeaker out.

Since Roxy now has something new to protect, Randy can now wear his slippers.

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