Adventure Hounds Go To Priest Lake

On Thursday, Randy, Roxy, Otis and I braved very cold, but abundantly (*) sunshiny weather to check out Priest Lake.

(*) the weather-person’s words.

This was our first real fun outing since Randy’s Heart Adventure started back in October.  All four of us really needed to have some fun, ’cause going to the grocery store or the doctor’s office was not cuttin’ it.

We opted to drive on the east side of the lake.  This was our first view of the frozen, snow covered lake from the marina at Coolin Idaho.

Twenty degree temperatures were way too cold for Superman to make an appearance.  Randy and I got a good laugh at the desk phone sitting inside the phone booth.

Ice fishing, anyone ?  No, thank you !

We entered Priest Lake State Park at the Indian Creek unit.  The park rangers were nice enough to tell us that the dogs run could loose at the day-use area on Indian Creek Bay.

Oh, and run they did.

… Mmmm, wait a minute … is there a critter hiding in the log?

Otis told me it was the best five bucks his parents ever spent.

The race … the chase … to be the first one to the beach.

Even though I packed snacks for us, we did not have a picnic outside !

“Mom, you said there’s a beach?  Where’s the sand ?”

It is somewhere under all that snow, Roxy.

Indian Creek is the State Park’s boundary on the west side of this unit.  Priest Lake State Park consists of three units.  Indian Creek is on the east shore of the lake, Lion’s Head is at the northern tip.  The Dickensheet Unit is at the south end of the lake, but located on Priest River, not on the lake.

Randy is keeping an eye on Roxy and Otis for me while I take pictures.  Oh, was it great to get the cameras dusted off !

Roxy and Otis were getting a bit too far out on the frozen lake for my comfort zone.

Randy and I called the dogs in only to have Otis turn around, jump over a snow bank ’cause he wanted to go back out and explore.

As we headed home, I noticed a lot of critter tracks in the snow on the ice. When I did spy an human footprint out in the frozen lake, I made note of the fact that the animal prints did not go out as far as the human’s did.  Could be that animals are a bit smarter than humans, at least when it comes to walking out on a frozen-over lake?

The fissures in the ice were interesting, too.  Maybe there is a human under there.

Icicles on the rock hill along side the road were very sparkly in the late afternoon of abundant sunshine.

Hungry for a hamburger on our way home, Randy and I stopped at Kelly’s Bar in Newport.  Kelly’s opened in 1894 and is the oldest operating business in Newport Washington and is the second oldest bar in Washington State.  However old the restaurant is, the hamburger and fries were sure delicious.

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  1. You should our snow here.. My area got 5 inches. Way cool. Love it. Be safe and have more fun. Keep pictures coming.Peggy L.

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