All About March

The trees have eyes !  And eyebrows !  And noses !  And mouths !

Where the snow meets the sky.

In color …

… In black and white.  Sometimes black and white is better.

Randy and I saw balloons galore at the Winthrop Balloon Festival.

I had to wonder if the fine folks at VW of Kirkland would be pleased to know that their loner car traveled almost two-hundred miles to the balloon festival.

Whoopsie !  Someone lost their gloves !

What ?!?  No dogs allowed !?!

Signs are a source of my entertainment.  Yes, I am easily amused.

Yet another snowbound spider.

Could she make it any plainer ?  Roxy wants some of Randy’s Oreos.

While Otis is happy with a carrot.

Our very first day of weather that was nice enough, at least for a bit, to be outside.

It is the 12th of March … please note the bank of snow in front of Roxy.

Oh, Costco, why do you do this to me?  My weakness, or one of them … is office supplies.  Oh, how I wanted to purchase this colorful assortment of gel pens.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I got me some ice cream for the ride home.

It may be tiny, it may be (technically) a weed, but this is our first bloom of the spring.

Otis, The Destroyer, loves to tear his toys apart.  I noticed a piece of stuffing on the floor … shaped like a heart.

Otis is looking so confused and forlorn because …

… Roxy took (temporary) possession of his Jolly Ball …  No to worry, Otis got his toy back.

The Otis Inventory : blanket, bone, tennis ball and hidden either under the blanket or under Otis, a carrot stub.

The Roxy Inventory : blanket, bone, tennis ball (stolen from Otis), the remains of a stuffy toy and an intact stuffy toy.

Believe me, both dogs are always checking to make sure nothing is missing from their stash of belongings.

Toys for Roxy and Otis are another weakness of mine.  The Jeffer’s catalog is 141 pages of all sorts of goodies for pets.  I hated to do it, but I tossed the catalog without even looking at it.  My allowance thanks me.

My first sighting this year of Momma Blue Bird.

“Hmmm … but this is where my GPS told me to land…”

Mr Squirrel has made an appearance, too.

Somewhere over the rainbow …

Remember that bank of snow beyond our patio?  By the 1st of April, this is all that was left of it.

Spring is good.

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  1. As usual I love your stories in each picture. Keep them coming.Peggy

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