A Message From Your Grandparents

To Our Grandkids :

As you can surmise, our Newport Washington community is rather small. Near as I can research, there are less than three hundred students attending Newport High School.

Four of those students were involved in a fatality car accident earlier this month in a ‘driving while distracted’ car accident.  It is assumed that the driver was texting.  Two students received minor injuries, one student was severely injured and one lost his life.

None of the four young people in the vehicle were wearing seat belts.

I woke up several times last night thinking about this accident and the long reaching affect that it will have on their families, their friends and the community for the years to come.

But something else was nagging at me.  Finally, I asked myself, “What is really bothering you?”

And then it hit me ~ this could have easily happened to you, my precious grandkids.

You are young adults now and have grown up in an era where a smart phone is an extension of you hand. Given a choice, I am sure that you would probably have a tooth pulled without Novocain than to give up your phone.

I am speaking directly to you, Will and Sammy, (and all the other grandkids on this earth), I beg you, please do not text and drive. Please, oh, please, when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, do not do anything else but concentrate on driving.

There is no phone call, no text, there is nothing worth putting yourself and others in jeopardy.  Follow the advice that your parents gave you : put your phone in the back seat while you are driving.  (It works, as I heed that advice as well.)

There isn’t anything more important to do while you are driving than to drive.

And, if your first thought is, ‘oh, this can’t happen to me.’

Yes, yes it can.

We love you both so much, Grandma and Grandpa

2 thoughts on “A Message From Your Grandparents

  1. Good for you Dorothy…Hope all the kids and grown up’s also heed your advice.I learned as a kid playing sports and getting my driver’e license…offense and defense ……use while your driving.

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