Adventure Hounds Visit The Colville National Forest

In celebration of our thirtieth wedding anniversary, Randy, Roxy, Otis and I headed out to explore the Colville National Forest.  The heck with the traditional gifts, because who needs diamonds and pearls?

Critter Count : #1

We took Hiway 2 up to Flowery Trail Road.  Shortly after entering the national forest, we decided to explore Forest Service Road #470, which runs along Winchester Creek.

There is still ice and snow in the woods and on some parts of the road.

Winchester Creek was moving fast and full of water from the snow melt.

Critter Count : #2

Oh, my was he a big bunny, with bright white boots.

You can’t see it at all in my pictures, but these rocks were sparkling in the sunshine.

We were almost at the top of the road when a decent patch of slushy icy snow prevented us from going any further.  Now, Randy is all set to get the Jeep set up for the dogs so we can use that to explore instead of the truck.

It is a hard job looking for critters !

Winchester Creek near the top of the road.

When we got back down the road, we stopped along the creek …

… To run, jump, play and …

… Explore.  Can you spot Roxy ?

There she is !

Time to tailgate and have our lunch.

Owen’s Deli in Newport makes the most delicious sandwiches.  They smoke their own meats.  Yum.  Randy and I both had ham on a croissant, though I do admit that the black olives that were on mine were a bit of overkill in the sodium department.

I was going for an artistic shot by lining up the power poles.  I am not quite sure that I nailed it.

Parts of an old bridge that used to be across the creek.

The ‘bridge’ part of the old bridge.

Even nails can be very photogenic.

After lunch, it was time to do more hunting for critters, this time Roxy is looking underneath the bridge.

Monkey see, monkey do.  Randy and I were thankful that neither one of the dogs got stuck under the old bridge.

The remains of last spring.

Do I even want to know what it means when a hair ribbon is tied to a branch?

One of these days, I will see a bear.  I have faith!  I never fail to get a laugh over the ‘no garbage service’ sign that we find at primitive campsites deep in the forest.

At least the wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Critter Count : #3

Can you see that speck way back in the field just in front of the bank?  Kind of off center to the right …

… It is none other than Tom Turkey.

Tom was strutting around and preening for the ladies.  He was huge and a sight to see.

We drove by Calispell Lake on the way home.  It was getting late in the afternoon by this time and we didn’t get to explore much of the area around the lake.  It is on the list for our next day trip.

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