While I Am Gone Good Things

I am on a mini-vacation … Randyless, Roxyless and Otisless in Oregon.  My dear friend Valinda came all the way to Portland from overseas (Hawaii).  We met up on Saturday and are spending our time exploring Portland and Cannon Beach.

First and foremost my ‘good things’ post is Randy’s encouragement for me to go on this adventure with Valinda.  Our family of four does pretty much everything together.  So, it is unusual for me to be off without them in strange surroundings.

There are five books in The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans.  I usually don’t get excited about ‘series’ books as any books after the first one seem to spend a lot of time recapping the previous book(s).  The Walk series did not go overboard on the summary.  Each book was very good … good enough that I had a hard time putting them down to do other things.

While I am on the subject of good books … The Light Between Oceans is a very good book as well.  It was written by M.L. Stedman and published in 2012.  A movie based on the book was released in 2016.  I have put the movie at the top of our Netflix queue as I am sure that Randy would enjoy watching it while I am gone.

I am a big water drinker, not so much on soda.  Although, I do enjoy a diet Pepsi with a squeeze of fresh lime every now and then.  Lifewater used to be my favorite treat when The Great McDaniel Adventure had a travel day.  Until I found Propel water by Gatorade.  It is not too sweet, with just enough flavor.  Both Amazon and Walmart have the twelve pack for a decent price.

Cristy first told me about Doctor Kracker crispbreads after she bought them at Sprout’s Market when we lived in Texas.  When we moved away from Texas, our local grocery store in Arkansas didn’t carry them.  But then !  I noticed them as a new item at the grocery store in Priest River.  They are not your average, decadent, melt-in-your mouth cracker, but more of a flatbread, and yes, they are and can be considered dry.  But with a tiny bit of cream cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt, they are delicious.

This is the second year that mama and papa bluebird have used a tiny opening in between two-by-fours in our eaves to nest and have their babies.  It is next to impossible, despite using an eight-foot ladder, to get any shots better than this.  I have been able to count at least three babies in their nest.  Near as I can tell, they were born a couple of weeks ago and they fledge anywhere from nineteen to twenty-four days after that.

Randy has been instructed to be on the lookout for the Fledging Event and to take any means necessary to get a picture.  And yes, I left him a camera to use.



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