Home Is Good

My mini-vacation to Oregon did not last but a couple of days, as my traveling partner became ill and needed to head for home.  On one hand, I was a bit disappointed, on the other hand, I was glad to be back home with Randy, Roxy and Otis.

I belong with my pack.

I was able to make it into the big city and enjoy a Voodoo doughnut.

You can bet that I took full advantage of the free lattes and mochas that the hotel offered their guests.  I really need one of these machines for my very own, but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.

I arrived in Portland on Saturday afternoon and returned home on Monday afternoon.  It has taken me a day or two to get myself back to normal.  For one thing, I was physically and mentally exhausted.  And it didn’t help that despite my best efforts to drink plenty of water while I was traveling, I became dehydrated.  And anybody who believes that the effects of dehydration can be corrected with a simple glass of water, well, you are so very wrong.  It takes one to two days to replenish the fluids in your body.  And one feels pretty dang crummy during that time.

About a week ago, I developed a black squiggly line in my left eye.  I figured that it wasn’t anything serious, but yesterday, I decided to have my eye doctor check it out.   The diagnosis: ‘vitreous detachment’, which is a fancy medical term for ‘floaters‘.  Floaters are more annoying than serious and may (or may not) go away, or I may (or may not) get used to it being there.  I am proud to say that my eye doctor says mine is a ‘big one’.

I am, however, starting to get a bit annoyed with the medical professionals in my life that start sentences with “as we get older …”

Here we are, a few days away from the official start of summer and our weather is more like early spring weather.  A few days of sunny and warm days, then it turns cold, grey and cloudy.  Earlier in the afternoon, a thunderstorm dumped a whole lotta rain on us and more than a bit of hail was thrown in for good measure.  Otis and I were outside on the patio during the storm and Otis had never seen hail before.  He was quite perplexed.

And that was one of just three storms that has rolled through here today.

The good news :  I was home when the blue bird babies fledged.
The bad news :  It must have happened very early this morning.  They were in their nest yesterday, but gone today.

Maybe next year I will get my pictures.

What do you think?