The Best Of May 2017

May was kind of wet, kind of cold and kind of mushroomy.

More and more bugs started to come out of hiding.  He doesn’t look to happy about leaving his warm winter nest.

Maybe it is because he knows he is going to lose his shell shortly.  For a while, these empty beetle shells were all over.  Otis even ate one.  Or two.  Or more.

I call these stink ‘shrooms.  Not because they smell badly, but because inside, they are a nasty looking green mess, so they should stink.  But they don’t.

I looked closer at the blooms on one of our shrubs … the blooms looked like miniature daffodils.

I spy … a crab spider while on our morning walk-about.

Later that day, the spider caught his dinner.  He feasted on the bug for two days.

I have two flowerbeds that needed work.  I planted butterfly bushes, yarrow and ornamental grass.  This little guy always showed up when I was watering my new plants.

One morning, as Otis and I were coming back from our walk-about, he lingered at the truck tire and was acting as if he had seen something interesting.

And he did … this is a silk-moth, the scientific name is Hyalophora cecropia.  I submitted my picture to for verification.  My picture was a verified sighting.  I am famous !

Here is the link to the verification :

Not only that, she had laid eggs on the tire.  I tried to find a way to successfully relocate the eggs, but I didn’t have any luck.  The eggs didn’t survive Randy cleaning up and detailing the truck a week later.

Pollen … oh, my holy stars !  Did we ever have pollen during May.  It was everywhere, on the dogs, inside the 5th-wheel. Even the ladybugs were covered in pollen.  Randy and I will forever be thankful that we weren’t allergic, it would have been more than miserable.

This interesting moth-creature was hanging around our bug zapper.  Looking to have his dinner cooked, perhaps?

In an attempt to get a picture of the first butterfly of the season, I tracked this guy for a couple of days.

Just where does the spider end and the shadows begin?

For someone who truly believes that eggs are from Satan himself, I sure had a few too many cartons of ’em in my refrigerator.

I love violas … they can be considered a flower that is able to ‘self-sow invasively’.  That is fine with me (but maybe not Randy).

Momma and Papa bluebird, just hangin’ around.

So … I finally cleaned out and organized the closet in the ‘building’.  Mainly to make room for my cedar chest and to get it out of the garage.  I found a VHS tape of Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 …

… And another tape from the Tyson / Holyfield fight in ’97 when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear.

The things one saves …

Randy and I are still honing our pizza-making skills.  I can’t really say that we have made any forward progress.

Roxy has her very own poofy blanket so that she can lay outside the garage while Randy is inside tinkering on his toys.

One of the things that Randy did was put a soft top on the Jeep.  We are getting closer to hitting the trails this summer !

What do you think?