Today, I am participating in The Daily Post’s weekly challenge of ‘unusual’.  I have plowed through the pictures that I have taken so far this year and chose the first six I came to that shouted ‘UNUSUAL’ at me.

This spring, we had an over abundance of pollen everywhere.  Pollen was on every surface, inside and out.  When we had a day of heavy spring storms, Randy and I thought it would wash the pollen away.  Nope.  Apparently water and pollen don’t mix.

We used to call this ‘snake spit’ when we were kids.  I have usually seen it on the grass or plants down on the ground.  This year, it was way up in the trees on the pinecones.  It is actually an immature spittlebug feeding on the plants or pinecones.

The other day, I noticed a dirt clod with eyes watching me from my flowerbed.  Pretty spooky.

On a spring evening, after a hellacious storm, the sky turned pinkish-yellow and a rainbow came out in front of the Hoodoo Mountains.  It actually turned in to a double rainbow.

Randy spied these strange growths in our woods when he and I were working on the invisible fence.  Thanks to my trusty plant identification app, which works only 1% of the time, we discovered they are called ‘giant pinedrops’.  Considered a perennial, giant pinedrops average in height from nine inches to four feet tall.

Roxy : she does what she wants, when she wants.  She has a mean right hook that she uses to get our attention.  She tries to talk when she gets frustrated.  Roxy, the most unusual member of our family and she definitely rules our roost!

What do you think?