Critter Thursday

Since the sunshine and warm weather arrived, Randy, Roxy, Otis and I have been spending most of the day outside.  So much so, that the birds have become very used to us and wander around the patio and the driveway in close proximity to where we can be found.  This guy was enjoying a mid-afternoon snack pulled fresh from the gravel.  I don’t think I want to know what it is.

We have also had the pleasure of watching our second batch of baby blue birds leave the nest.  This was the first one to leave and he made it to the rafters just underneath where the nest is.  He lingered there for a bit, then poof! he was gone.

The second baby blue bird was not as easy to coax out as his sibling.  Oh, did mom and dad work to get him to fly.  I think they were at it for about forty-five minutes to an hour talking him out of the nest.

Finally, he very shakily flew out out and across our patio.  He didn’t land any where, but flew up against one of the support beams for the roof, flapping his wings frantically.  Then, he got his bearings and flew out over the 5th-wheel and he was gone.

There have been unconfirmed sightings of aliens on Hoodoo Mountain.  Sure enough, last night after we got back from our walk, there was one staring at me from the power outlet on the patio.  He is very friendly.

Peacocks like violas just as much as I do, because I found this guy napping in my planter.

Last night, Otis was outside and discovered a second alien in the yard.  He isn’t as friendly as the one on the patio, all he would say was, “take me to your leader.”  I told him that am the leader here.

This morning, while making my picture taking rounds, I discovered that ladybugs had made a home in my flowerbeds.  This is momma ladybug …

… Brother ladybug …

… And sister ladybug.

This is our new buddy, Wilson.  Wilson, along with his mom and dad, have spent the last week with us.  Unfortunately, they are heading down the road tomorrow.  I do understand, though, that I have nine more rock creatures to find.

I wonder if I will find a mate for momma ladybug.


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