Not Ready For Fall

After a million days of blistering hot weather, this past Sunday I woke up to snow.


That is my way of saying that it was cold.  So cold, that I not only had to put on long pants for the day, I also had to put on socks and shoes.  This isn’t fair (she says, stomping her sock and shoed feet), I don’t want summer to end.

I worked very hard on getting tan lines on the tops of my feet to match the straps on my sandals.  On Sunday, I actually felt the tan start to slowly fade away.

It rained a bit and at times Sunday was very gusty.  While I am not pleased about the clothing situation, the good thing about the change in the weather is that the wind cleared the Canadian smoke out of the air.  Even though the clouds had congregated on the Hoodoo Mountains, this was the first time in a few weeks that we could actually see the mountains.

Sunday had a definite fall-like quality to it.  It made me realize that since we are mid-way through August, the changing of seasons is just around the corner.

These are the kind of days where one has to dress in layers, because mornings are cool but the days warm up nicely.  Yesterday morning, when Roxy, Otis and I left the house for our walk, there was a layer of mist settling into the valley in our neighborhood.  And long pants and a heavy flannel shirt were a definite must.

For me, not the dogs.

Adding to the fall like feeling was the fact that pro football started on Sunday.  Pre-season, yes, but nothing says ‘fall’ like football.  Randy and I watched the Seahawks win over the LA Chargers.  LA Chargers?  What the heck happened to the San Diego Chargers?

I have spent the last couple of days reading a very good book and it was on sale for $1.99.  I loathe spending money on books, so to get a decent one for under two bucks was a real thrill.  The book is Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani.  It is part of a series … I am not a fan of series books, but I am willing to give the next one a try.  See, ‘they’ have roped me in … the first book was on sale and the rest of the books are $3.99 each!  There was also a movie made, which is streaming on Netflix, with Ashley Judd in the lead role.  I am not a fan of hers nor am I a fan of watching the movie after I have read the book and vise versa, but I will give the movie a try, too.

Life has not been exciting, unless you call a trip to the cookie store yesterday exciting.  That is what I call the garbage dump as they give out free cookies to the dogs.  Actually, it is free to drop off one’s refuse, but the dog cookies will cost you ten bucks.

Our fun for Tuesday was running errands.  By far, the highlight of today was taking Roxy and Otis to see Miss Angie, where Roxy and Otis had their pedicures.  Miss Angie owns TLC Pet Boarding, which is just down the street from our house.  Our dogs love Miss Angie and she loves them.  I am kinda sweet on her, too.

I ordered some stuff from Walmart … free shipping at $35.  I had about four bucks to go, and since it is back to school time (my fav time of year), I ordered some metallic gel pens.  Those will be here tomorrow, so I have the excitement for Wednesday covered.

A chill in the air, football and back to school sales.  Nope, I am not ready for summer to end and fall to arrive.

4 thoughts on “Not Ready For Fall

  1. I’m looking for good weather until around Halloween,and then boo…the weather change…warm jacket ,hat, boots and prep for winter

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