I Think It Is Friday, But It Is Really Thursday Good Things

One would assume, as accident prone and careless as I am, that I go through a lot of bandaids.  That isn’t the case.  The times that I do require the need of a bandaid, I use a waterproof one.  I have found that Nexcare brand waterproof bandaids are perfect.  They stay on, they survive dishwashing and handwashing.  And, more importantly, they don’t leave a sticky, fibrous residue when I remove them.

With the exception of coffee mugs, I stay away from using glass drinking vessels and use only plastic.  Glasses, especially wine glasses have a way of jumping off the table or sliding out of my fingers, falling on the floor and breaking to bits.  More often than not, this happens when the glass container is full.  Recently, a Dollar Tree opened up just over the border in Oldtown Idaho.  I splurged and bought me an honest to goodness glass wine glass.  It has not broken yet.  Then again, I have only used it once.

Guess how much it cost?

Sweet tasting, delicious fruit beats a sugary treat any day of the week.  (Never thought I would ever type those words.)  Through our neighbor, Quig, I discovered Green Bluff Growers in Mead Washington (*).  Randy and I scouted the place out and came home with the best tasting blueberries, cherries and ginormous honey-crisp apples.

Quig was kind enough to bring some peaches home for me when she and hubby, Buck, went up to Green Bluff to pick peaches.  Oh, so sweet and juicy.  (The peaches, not Quig and Buck.)  The peaches were so good that when Randy asked me how they were, I told him they weren’t all that great.  More for me that way.

A blog on Green Bluff is in your future.

Dave and Judy, neighbors to the north of us, popped over for a visit earlier this week.  They brought over raspberries from their garden.  I didn’t get a picture before Randy and I inhaled them, but oh, they were so very good.  On ice cream, of course.

I am kind of a prude when it comes to what I watch on TV and read.  However, there are some shows that I watch that are borderline, oops, completely over the line to my conservative personality.  Veep is one such show.  Veep stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as, as you may have guessed, the Vice-President of the United States.  The off-color show is laugh out loud funny.  Regular seasons are on HBO, but you can get the first five seasons on Netflix DVD.

Breakfast this morning was a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.  Toasted, of course.  You really must come over and sample Randy’s homemade bacon.  It is heavenly.

Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse plate.  No, I am not five.  It was the first plate in the stack and I was too lazy and hungry to move it to get to a real grown-up plate.


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  1. Peanut butter and bacon sandwich…great way to start the day.I prime mine with a little butter…no margerine…use real butter and adams crunchy peanut butter….yummers

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