When Chris, Frank And Wilson Came To Visit

Towards the end of July, Randy, Roxy, Otis and I had visitors.  We met Frank, Chris and Wilson in the fall of 2014 when we all were spending time at the Yakima Sportsman State Park in (wait for it …) Yakima Washington.

Frank and Chris had sold their house in Yakima before they were 100% prepared to hit the road full-time in their Pha-E-Ton motorhome.  They were at the state park to get their new lives organized.  Randy and I were there to regain our footing after spending a week at the Auburn Game Farm Park in (wait for it …) Auburn WA.  Truly, the worst park in America.  You may read about it here : Back To Yak

It is a wee bit tight backing into our driveway where our guest hookups are.  While Randy and I are an extra pair of eyes, we don’t get involved unless it is an emergency.  Frank and Chris have a system and it took no time at all for them to get backed in and settled.

Randy had already done a huge amount of trimming on branches and brush, but, another tree had to be cut down.  I wanted to put the tree in a bucket of water and use it for our tree at Christmas.  Randy, Frank and Chris looked at me like I had sprouted another head.  So I didn’t.

The Otis and Wilson meet and greet.

The adult meet and greet.

Roxy is getting to know Chris in a real up-close and personal way.

Time for another happy hour!  We enjoyed seven all told!

Frank is a coffee lover like I am.  He, however, goes one step further than I do … he buys green coffee beans and roasts them himself.

He showed me the entire process, which is pretty easy.  THEN, he gave me the beans he had roasted.  Oh, my holy stars!  What delicious coffee that was.  No, I haven’t bought my own roaster.  Yet.

Good times, good food, good conversation and good laughs.

Wilson is a sweetheart and such a good boy.  And those eyebrows.  He wouldn’t be Wilson without ’em.

Frank and Chris are funny and very entertaining.  I think I can say that we all had a very good time.

Roxy has a 6th sense when cookies are involved.  Yes, she charmed Frank out of a nibble.

Wilson knew that I always have treats in my pocket.  I slipped him so many that Chris threatened to give Roxy and Otis a large Milkbone every time I gave Wilson a treat.  I was pretty sure she meant it, so I behaved myself after that.

We had even more fun (if such a thing is possible) when Dannie and Mark joined us one night for a pizza party.

Wilson says, “Lemme outta here!  I want pizza, too!”

“If I can’t have pizza, then I shall eat the violas!”

Randy and Frank talking guy stuff … barbecue and smoking.

Randy and I got a kick out of watching Wilson tear the felt off of a tennis ball.  A bit of the felt was still stuck to the ball, and Wilson would fling the ball around, chase it down and then do it all over again.  Randy and I thought that we should have trained Roxy and Otis to throw and fetch all on their own.

Otis was rolling in the grass …

… Wilson wandered over to see what the heck he was doing …

… And startled the liver out of Otis.

Randy, Frank and Chris are talking RV routing software and apps and GPS horror stories.

Every time I saw Wilson scope out Otis’ Jolly Ball, I couldn’t help but think of the ‘High Hopes’ ant song.

♫♩”Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant
But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes
So any time your gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant”♪♪♩

Songwriters: J. Van Heusen, S. Cahn
High Hopes lyrics © Barton Music Corporation

Now I dare you to try to get that song out of your head.

I don’t think Frank and Randy had any luck in solving the world’s problems.

Sadly, Frank, Chris and Wilson moved on down the road towards Yellowstone.

Yes, that is an inflatable pink flamingo that Chris is attaching to the steering wheel in their tow vehicle.  I guess it helps them to see if the wheels are straight in the SUV as they are cruising down the road.

With a blast of the airhorn, they left us.  Randy, Roxy, Otis and I enjoyed our time together and we hope that they did, too.  Enough so that they come back again to visit.

Chris needs to hide more rocks!

What do you think?