The Best Of July 2017

Flora was my main picture subject in July.  I was working hard on identifying the blooming noxious weeds, I mean wildflowers, that we have around our house.

Then my day lilies bloomed.  I did not plant them, they came with the house.  As luck would have it, they are orange, the best color in the universe.

When we moved from the motorhome to the 5th wheel in the spring, I found a packet of wildflower seeds tucked away in a drawer.  I don’t know how old the seeds were (and does it matter, anyway?), but I tossed them in my flower bed and got a few bloomin’ surprises.

Bloomin’ surprises bring all sorts of bugs to take pictures of.  It’s a double bonus.

This boy … Otis will plop down in the yard and just start rolling around.

While it is fun to watch him wiggle around in the grass, it is fun to listen to him, too.  Otis makes noises that remind Randy and I of the sounds the zombies make on The Walking Dead.  One of our pet names for Otis is ‘Walker Dog’.

This girl … A million places where she can lay in the sun and she chooses my flower bed.

Roxy has been very crafty in stealing all of Otis’ tennis balls, his frisbee, carrots and blankets.  The only thing she hasn’t touched is his Jolly Ball.  Otis must have made it very clear to Roxy that his Jolly Ball is off limits because I have yet to see her go near it.

Mr. Toad is only making nightly appearances this year.  Last year, he was out and about during the day.  So much so that Randy and I had to do a Toad Check of the yard before Randy mowed.

Randy, Roxy, Otis and I had to run and errand to Deer Park.  We made a spur of the moment decision to drive down Missile Site Road as I was sure as can be that there was a missile site to be found.

If there was a missile site, I didn’t see it.

The trip wasn’t a complete loss, as I enjoyed the world’s largest huckleberry soft ice cream cone.  No, I didn’t share it with anybody. Yes, I ate the entire treat myself.

On our morning walk, I spied a bird on this branch.  I didn’t have a camera with me as it is hard enough to wrestle two dogs and two pooh bags, let alone add a camera to the mix.  I passed it off as yet another lost shot.  The next morning, the angel on my right shoulder was saying, “Take the camera,” while the devil on my left should was saying, “That shot is long gone.  That bird won’t come back to that branch.”  The angel won and I took my camera with me.

It maybe wasn’t the same bird from the day before, but a bird did come back to that branch.  And I got the shot.

Roxy helped me water the plants at Dannie and Mark’s while they were vacationing.

We were gone all of twenty minutes and Otis really, really missed Roxy.

I made a chipmunk friend up at Dannie and Mark’s.

Once in a great while, Randy and I will brave the circus that is Costco.  We have three in the area to choose from, one in Coeur d’Alene and two in Spokane.  Every.  Single.  One.  is a madhouse.

Randy and I get in and out of Costco as quickly as possible, but I do think it is fun to peek in other shopper’s carts to see what they are buying.  I also get a fair amount of enjoyment out of the people who go to Costco just for a couple of items, like this gentleman … a bottle of champagne and a container of mixed nuts.  And it wasn’t even the weekend!

Did you know that I love my dogs?

Whoopsie!  Somebody didn’t put their shoes up and now they belong to Roxy!

Roxy has always been bothered by noises where she can’t figure out where the noise came from.  One night, someone was doing quite a bit of target shooting, which upset her to no end.  And then, shortly after dark, there was an earth shaking, window rattling, reverberating through the mountains giant explosion.  We almost had to peel her off the ceiling.

We never did find out what blew up.

On laundry day, I left the closet door open.  Next thing I know, Roxy has found herself a new safe place.

Mad squirrel lives in the tree by the patio and he is way too close to mama and daddy bluebird’s nest of babies.  All three of them were making a fuss and a racket.  Roxy and Otis even got in on the action.

I am not sure if the squirrel left, or just played possum in the tree branches.  While mama had to go back to the nest to tend to the babies, dad stayed in the trees to keep watch.

Randy and Otis are working on making our driveway easier for guests to park their RV’s.  Our boy Otis loves anything that is mechanical.  Randy has promised him his own tractor next winter.

While working in my flower bed, I had an eerie feeling I was being watched.  Do dirt clods come alive at night?

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