Who Hid The Hoodoo’s ?

After spending every waking hour of the summer outside, we have spent the last five days inside.  The smoke from the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest has been so dense that we have even seen hide nor hair of the Hoodoo Mountain range.

It is cold comfort for the people displaced by the wild fires and the crews fighting to contain them, but the smoke has made for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Even the moon got in on the action before the bank of smoke came in to blanket our part of the world.

Oh, my holy stars!  We had rain this morning!  Okay, so it was only thirteen drops, but it was still rain!  If the weather reports are correct, a southerly wind will be arriving soon to blow the smoke away.

I have rediscovered kiwi fruit.  I misplaced my vegetable peeler (I actually didn’t put that much effort into finding it) and thought, why don’t I cut the kiwi in half and just scoop the fruit out with a spoon?  Who knew that kiwi comes in it’s own serving bowl?

Roxy and Otis had their yearly checkups and shots this past week.  Roxy also had a blood draw for her annual check on Valley Fever.  She has shown no signs of a reoccurrence of this horrible disease, so Randy and I are positive that the blood work will show that she is still in remission.  Unless orneriness and stubbornness is now a symptom.  Our girl has plenty of both!

Randy and I were shocked to find out that Otis weighs close to eighty pounds.  Dr Karen wants him to lose twelve to fifteen pounds.  Jeesh!  There isn’t going to be anything left of him.  Randy and I have already made some changes to his diet that, so far hasn’t caused him any trauma.  We will probably have to tweak a bit here and there.  Hopefully, with these changes and being able to walk a bit more when the air quality improves it will do the trick for him.

I can do my favorite things inside or out, and reading is one of them.  I have started the next book in Philippa Gregory’s fictional series about the British monarchy starting in the 1400’s.  This is one of my favorite subjects to read and watch TV shows on … no matter if it is fictionalized or actual history.  In fact, all four seasons of The Tudor’s is available through streaming on Netflix.  I am seriously considering watching it.  Again.  And I rarely, if ever, watch a TV show or a movie twice.

I finally tossed my tools of destruction in the garbage this morning.  Truth be told, I do not have pretty hands.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for my hands and phalanges that work just fine.  But they are not pretty.  Painting my nails would be like putting lipstick on a pig.  I have tried everything under the sun to keep my cuticles nice looking … to the point of cutting them off with the above tools of destruction.  No matter how careful I am, I end up nicking a cuticle and if you don’t know it, cuticles bleed and bleed and bleed.  A few days ago, I started doing what my mom always told me to do : gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick after doing the dishes or taking a shower.  Guess what?  My fingernails (and toenails) have never looked better.

Goes to show that you are never too old to find out your parents are right.

As I leave you with this last picture that proves that I am a geek, I would like to impress upon my readers the importance of checking your credit report yearly.  Randy and I did this a month ago and found that someone has attempted to open numerous credit accounts in our names in the past few months.  Unfortunately, a couple of times they were successful.  The first thing that we did is put a ‘freeze’ on both of our credit reports.  This restricts access to our credit report and makes it more difficult for new accounts to be opened without our approval.  Here is link to the FTC’s Credit Freeze FAQ’s.

This is turning into one holy mess to get straightened out.


What do you think?