Adventure Hounds Visit Green Bluff Growers

On a beautiful July day, Randy, Roxy, Otis and I headed south to Mead WA.  Our destination : Green Bluff Growers.

Green Bluff Growers Association is a group of farms and food stands, mostly family owned and operated.  This group of farms offer seasonal u-pick fruits and vegetables.  There are also food stands for those who have no need for a bushel of peas and just want to buy a pound or so.

No matter how much Roxy and Otis carried on, these horses could not have cared less.

The beautiful view of the wheatfields in Mead.

We drove each loop twice, each trip going the opposite way of the first trip.  I didn’t want to miss a thing.

The grower’s association was formed in 1902 to protect the strawberry growers from outside competition.  Since then, the association has grown to over thirty farms in an approximately twelve square mile area.

Throughout the growing season, there is an abundance of fruit and veggies available.

Green Bluff also has many festivities throughout the year.  Just a small list is the Strawberry Celebration, the Cherry Picker’s Trot and Holiday Memories.

The Castle Green Bluff.

I just made that up.

Randy and I stopped at Beck’s Harvest House to look around.  Harvest House offers a country kitchen, a country store with wine, knick knacks and all sorts of goodies.  I bought cherries and Honey Crisp apples that were delicious.

The next celebration at Green Bluff is Fall Festival, which starts on September 23rd.  In the field over the vehicles parked on the right is where Harvest House sets up a five acre corn maze.  Fall Festival has grown over the years and it is now the largest family event in the area.

Beezzz selling local honey at Harvest House.

Mmmmmm … I don’t think so.

My jam is selling like hotcakes.

Yumm … hotcakes …

I should have bought this mug.  Oh, well, it gives me a reason to go back in time for the Harvest Festival.

I was thinking of changing my personal slogan to this.

Now that’s a BARN !

The lavender fields at Fleur de Provence Lavender Farm.

Besides Harvest House, eateries at the bluff include The Orchard Cafe at Walters Fruit Ranch and Bistro & Deli at High Country Orchard.  There are also breweries, wine makers and a cider works.

There are at least six farms that grow and / or sell Christmas trees.

I spy a school bus!

The outdoor worship area at Green Bluff United Methodist Church.

Just a farm truck sitting in the middle of a field.

Apples ready to be picked and made into pie.

Yum … pie.

Where else would a small plane be parked but in the apple orchard?

Fresh fruit and vegetables at High Country Orchard.  They also have a petting zoo.  Next time I am there, I am going to shell out the four bucks to see the animals.

The keeper of the of the High Country Orchards gift shop.  He looks furocious.  

These were our special treat that we bought at the Harvest House.  You can bet that there was a stop made at the grocery store for vanilla ice cream on the way home.  The sea salt caramel sauce was very tasty with my honey crisp apples, as well.

What do you think?