In The Last Week …

… “They” forecast 3″ – 7” of snow for us … then changed their minds to less than an inch.

We ended up with about a foot.

… I have lost one camera battery and Otis’ squeaky turkey in the snow. Much to Otis’ glee, we were able to find the toy by stomping around the driveway until we stepped on something that sounded like a squeaky turkey.

The jury is still out on whether I will be successful in finding the camera battery.

… I did lose Otis one morning.  I found him when I sat on the couch.

… I got hit with a horrible flu bug. Thought I was gonna die. One minute I am checking the doneness of my pumpkin bread, the next minute I am spending the afternoon huddled in a ball – a hot / cold / sweaty mess of gross ~ on the bathroom floor.

… The sound of the snow sliding off the roofs gets Roxy’s undies in a bundle.

During all trying times, such as wind storms, thunderstorms, gunshots and the sound of clumps of snow dropping from the sky, I make Roxy a nest in the closet and turn the radio on in the bedroom.  That is her safe place and the radio, hopefully, covers up some of the sounds she doesn’t like.

Roxy is a fan of ’80’s country music … just like her mom.

… Randy and I tried out a new grocery store ~ Super 1 Foods in Rathdrum.  Where the pineapples are miniature …

… But the doughnuts are Texas-sized.

Super 1 Foods will now be my grocery store of choice.  There is a rumor that a new store is going to be built un Oldtown … I hope that is a truism!


4 thoughts on “In The Last Week …

  1. Hi Dorothy
    Hope you and Randy are doing well and you have recovered from the flu. I love the snow pictures they help me stay connected to our property. We really miss not being there, we both consider it home now.
    I like Super 1, that would be awesome if they built one in Oldtown.
    Hope you and Randy have a wonderfully Thanksgiving. Tony and I will be in Nebraska for Thanksgiving with our oldest son and daughter.
    Say Hi for us to everyone who’s still there.


    • Hi Jackie ~

      All is good here and yes, (thanks for asking) I have fully recovered from the flu. And luckily, Randy didn’t get it!

      The snow was beautiful, but it is almost gone now. It has been cold and rainy, although the sun made a surprise appearance this morning.

      Spring Ridge is a bit deserted right now, there are only 14 (I think) of us still left for the winter.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

      ~ Dorothy

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