Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving !

It is a stormy Thanksgiving here.  There is country music playing in the bedroom to soothe Roxy and much to Randy’s delight, Christmas music on in the living room.  He knows that at our house, it is not legal to play holiday music until Thanksgiving Day.

There is coffee to grind, punkin pie, Chex mix, and cornbread for my stuffing to make.  Oh, and I have to look for a potato masher.  I don’t think I have one, because every Thanksgiving since we hit the road, I have looked for it, then remember that I probably gave it to Jonathan, then forget to buy one for the next turkey day.

I am sure that Jonathan is getting a lot of use out of that potato masher.  He has probably made some sort of useful tool out of it.

There is nothing messier than grinding coffee!

Roxy and Otis got new toys for Thanksgiving.  Actually, the toys are for Otis, ’cause they are just too big for our dainty princess.  Roxy enjoys the treats without having to work for them.

And Otis, oh, does he work for them!  He is very determined, that boy.  Once the big treat is freed and gobbled down, I mix a few treats with peanut butter.  I stuff that into the center of the toy for Otis to work on.  It keeps him very busy for a long time.

However, somewhere along the line, Otis has gotten very spoiled.  He just spent thirty minutes telling Randy and me that he wants another treat immediately.  I instituted a tough-love policy and eventually, he curled up next to me on the couch for a nap.

Roxy and Otis’ prized possessions are the soup bones that Randy buys them at Super 1.  Roxy has been carrying hers around going on two days now.   She even takes it with her when she goes outside to do her business.  Roxy is afraid to leave it behind because Otis might steal it.

Why would this thought pop into her head?  Well, because she stole it from Otis.

I cheated this Thanksgiving and instead of making a special scone to go with our mimosas for breakfast, I bought orange cranberry muffins at my favorite grocery store.  Nobody complained.

I had better have my in-house bartender make me another mimosa … I have been munching on Chex mix all day long and I am thirsty.

What do you think?