A Very Snowy Friday Random Thoughts

There is something wonderful happening today.  Randy, Roxy, Otis and I are cozy and warm inside the 5th-wheel.  ‘Our’ Christmas music is playing and it is near blizzard conditions outside.  Although, we have gone outside a couple of times to play in the snow.

I took my camera outside, but didn’t take the time to wrap it to protect it from the snowflakes.  I hid it underneath my scarf, and found quite by accident that my scarf makes an interesting filter.

Speaking of Christmas music … I have all of ours on a playlist.  Well, all of our Christmas tunes with the exception of Charlotte Church.  There is not a doubt that Charlotte Church is a great singer.  But those high notes … they are hard to take and enjoy.  Katherine Jenkins runs a close second to Charlotte, but I have been too lazy to remove her from the playlist.  Jackie Evancho maybe on thin ice, too.  The Messiah was Penny’s favorite for Christmas music, so I downloaded The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s version.  Let’s just say that Penny and I don’t have the same taste in Christmas music.

Roxy is not only our resident thief, I discovered quite a hoard of treasures hiding in the closet.  A blanket, three tennis balls, a couple of dog toys and two bones.  Last night, she got up in the middle of the night to steal a bone of Otis’ off the couch.  How do I know this, you ask?  Because I was awoken by her dropping the bone on the floor when she was trying to sneak it into the closet.

I have to be doing something when I am talking on the phone.  Most of the time, I am working on a jigsaw puzzle on my laptop.  Yesterday, I moved a couple of puzzle pieces around and they made a heart.  Ahhhh ….

Goldfish crackers have been our favorite snack these days.  I do have to wonder : why do not all the goldfish crackers have a smile?

We were surprised with a bit of snow on Wednesday.  It wasn’t much, just enough to make all the trees look pretty.  Roxy, Otis and I had to run to town for a couple of errands and yes, there was some compact snow and ice on the side roads.  What I don’t appreciate, though, is the truck telling me this.  I can figure the road conditions out all on my own, thank you very much.  At least the truck doesn’t verbalize this warning.  The OnStar lady once talked to Randy and I and I had to be peeled off the ceiling.

On a sidenote ~ I am very impressed with the improvements that Apple has made to their Photos program.  There is a lot more dog hair and dust on the instrument panel of the truck.  With the new and improved editing features, I was able to remove some of the dog hair.  Just some. because I wanted to make it look believable.

After a couple of plays in the snow, Roxy and Otis have the right idea.  A nap.

~ Dorothy

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