Twas The Day After A Snowstorm

On Tuesday, it snowed relentlessly. While we didn’t end up with the eleven feet that was predicted, we did get about a foot of snow. In addition to what was left from the previous snow, we ended up with quite a pile of snow around us.

Early Tuesday evening, the snow turned to rain, then back to snow, then back to rain,

Then it froze.

All this made for a treacherous walk-about for Otis and I early Wednesday morning. Thank goodness Randy had brought the Jeep down from the garage to park under the RV port on Tuesday afternoon. Walking in the Jeep tracks made it easier for Otis and I to walk without slipping and sliding.

While my idea of a perfect Wednesday was to run to Super 1 Foods in Rathdrum to get iced shortbread cookies, Randy thought it would be best if he spent the day on the tractor clearing our driveway of snow.

He pointed out to me that if our driveway wasn’t clear, then our mail lady wouldn’t be able to deliver my box o’yarn.


While Roxy and Otis had fun playing in the snow and Randy fueled up the tractor, I suggested that I shovel a path to the side door of the garage. Randy looked at me with a hopeful, yet skeptical look.

“You’re going to shovel the path?”

Well, the other choice would be for me to run the tractor and I know that ain’t happin’.

“Do you know how to use the snow shovel?”, my beloved asks.

“Of course I do”, as I (internally) roll my eyes heavenward.

“Okay”. he says, “Just make sure you throw the snow off to the side.”

Randy is trying to trick me, because I know that I need to make a wish and then throw the snow over my left shoulder.

Or is that when you spill salt?

I am one step ahead in my project as I actually know where the snow shovel is. (*) How do I know this, you wonder? Because I have knocked it over once and almost tripped over it twice.

I grab the snow shovel and look for the on / off button but I can’t find the stupid thing. Oh, well. I don’t want to bother Randy while he is on the tractor so I just do my shoveling the old fashioned way.

My project went relatively quickly, and I did my best to get most of the snow and ice off the path. Since I couldn’t get is a clear as I felt it needed to be, I decided sweep it. That helped some.

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

I got the hose out and rinsed off the path. It sure is shiny now!

You know I am kidding, right?  I surely did not hose the pathway down with water.

Shoveling snow sure makes one work up a sweat.  On top of that, I ruined a perfectly good hair day.

I even shoveled a little path to make it easier for Roxy and Otis to get into the backyard.  I have a sneaking hunch that the snow shovel now belongs to me.

~ Dorothy

(*) Randy’s question is justified.  When Randy and I were first married, he was working a lot of overtime.  I decided that I would mow the grass. My helpful plan came to a quick end when I couldn’t find the lawnmower.

Oh, so THAT’S what is in that little building in the backyard !!!

2 thoughts on “Twas The Day After A Snowstorm

  1. We got six inches here now. Way cool. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
    Peggy Laswell.

    • I hope that you had a great holiday, Peggy. The one thing that is so different for me here than in Western Washington is that the snow does not melt and go away! It stays, gets added to throughout the winter and finally … maybe April we will see the last of it.

      Happy 2018 !

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