A Dog’s Treasure

Dogs love their treasures … be it enjoying a piece of kindling by the bonfire …

… Or a favorite toy.

Otis has always tossed his toys in the water dish, noses them around a bit so they are good and wet, then takes them out to play with.  Doing this outside is one thing, but playing this game inside creates quite a mess.

It is a good thing that our family motto is “Messes Clean Up”.

Otis, not to be outdone by a mere piece of kindling, prefers to drag home a branch bigger than he is.  No, Otis, you may not bring that into the house.

Up to the challenge, Roxy then plucks a dead plant out of the woods.  Root ball and all.

Roxy has a mean right and left hook that she uses on Otis.  Our boy has no problem defending himself.

When Roxy was a puppy, she snuck off into the woods and brought home a corn cob.  She ran and ran and ran with that corn cob in her mouth.  I am sure that she was grinning ear to ear, but she was running so fast, I really couldn’t see.

A few weeks later she did the same thing, but this time came home with a less-than-mature cantaloupe.  She chased and attacked and rolled all over that cantaloupe.  It was the greatest (free) toy ever found.

I noticed that a baby pumpkin was missing from my fall decoration.  I knew right where to look because Roxy is a thief.

Otis prefers to head out to the woods to find his treasures.  Once he came back with a generous piece of an armadillo.  Dead.  It was already dead.

I am sure of it.

Being the good little brother he is, he shared part of the armadillo with his big sister.

Otis will never take anything from us, but he will gladly accept old hats, gloves, shirts and the like.  He will find paper towels and napkins and loves to tear them up.  Here, is ‘hiding’ from us because he took the toilet paper out of the bathroom and shredded it all over the couch.

If he can’t see us, then we can’t see him.

Both dogs have come back with some interesting items when out exploring : a tractor seat, part of a prickly pear cactus, a hummingbird lawn ornament and a perfectly good apple.  Not the kind of apple one would find in a compost pile.  Nope, this was a perfectly ripe unblemished apple.

Otis ate it.

In the winter, Otis is very good at sneaking ice inside the house to chew on.

And then, there are the various deer parts that come home with them …

At least, I hope they were deer (or animal) parts.

Oh, my holy stars !  Did most of these treasures stink to high heaven.

Otis is amazingly good at finding footwear.  He came out of the woods in Utah with a perfectly good red Sketcher tennis shoe.  It looked to be about my size, so I sent him back in to find the other one.  No luck.  He once found a flip-flop buried in a compost pile.  A couple of days later, he found it’s mate.

I keep telling Randy that the odds are stacked against us … one of these days he will show up with a shoe that still has a foot in it.

I snagged a pair tennis shoes from my friend, Jan.  She was taking them to the Salvation Army and I asked her if the dogs could have them.

Instead of Roxy having to steal a shoe from Otis, she got one of her very own.  Randy and I sometimes go to second hand stores to buy the dogs shoes.  Not to wear, to play with.

I think the best thing that Otis came home with was a very dead, but floppy squirrel.  Randy and I first thought it was a stuffed animal.  Oh, was he proud of this treasure.  He pranced around with it for hours.

As I said, Roxy is a thief.  And she doesn’t care who she steals from.  It could be my dust cloth on cleaning day.  She once stole, then swallowed, a camera lens cleaning cloth.  A vet approved dose of hydrogen peroxide brought the cloth up.  She was not feeling well for a few days, but she never ate another lens cloth.

The lens cloth was ruined.

It could be my slippers or a sock.  It is not unusual to have a random sock be found in an unusual random place.

I misplaced my readers and looked everywhere for them.  It was one of those head-scratching, crazy-making, what in the heck happened to them things.  Randy found them a few days later.  In the woodshed.

A couple of days ago, Roxy decided that a pair of my undies were now hers.  She was quite proud of her treasure and took them everywhere with her.

Oh, this gave Randy and I the best laugh to start the new year.

~ Dorothy

2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Treasure

  1. Been there done this with our dogs also. How funny ., Your underwear and glasses not so funny.
    Peggy L

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