Two Ladies In Search of Pumpkin Donuts

I sit here on the couch looking outside at the almost 8″ of snow that we were blessed with yesterday.  I remember that a time when snow didn’t cover the ground.  Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful outside.  And, to make matters even better, it is a balmy 32°.

However, as I was getting my 2017 picture library organized and backed up at the end of the year, I realized that I did not write one post of how much fun September 2017 was.

One such adventure was with Dannie when she and I went to the Fall Festival at Green Bluff.

Our plan was to arrive early so as not to miss our on Harvest House’s World Famous Pumpkin Donuts™.

We were successful as the line was not long at all.  Pumpkin donuts are made fresh Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the fall months, and are often sold out for the day.  For good reason.

Is it me, or is that cinnamon roll as big as that toddler’s head?

The pumpkin donut recipe is Harvest House’s own private recipe.  Your own personal donut is served fresh out of the fryer.

Oh, my holy stars !  I have never tasted a donut as delicious as this.  They are a cake donut covered in cinnamon sugar and melt in your mouth.

Happy, happy ladies and we are now ready to explore the rest of Green Bluff.

The Harvest House dog.

Either he has a twin, or is very quick.  Because he was everywhere.  But I didn’t feed him.  There are signs up not to feed him, so I followed the rules.

Harvest House had vendors set up selling delicious goodies and beautiful treasures.  Here, Dannie is trying ‘gore-met’ chocolate sauces.

There were an abundance of apples to pick, to buy by the crate, or just buy one or two.  The Honeycrisp apples were a big as a toddler’s cinnamon roll.

Pumpkin Land … not to be confused with a punkin patch.  Lots and lots of punkins, all shapes, sizes and colors to choose from.

My new friend, Esmerelda.  That really isn’t her name, I just like the name.  I think that ‘Esmerelda Dorothy’ has a nice ring to it.

Is that … is that … those inflatable balls that one can get inside of and roll around in?  I have always wanted to do this.  I, in fact, wish that I had my own inflatable, human gerbil ball to roll around the neighborhood in.

With Dannie’s encouragement, and a fiver, I was convinced to give it a go.

The nice young lady helped me climb in and get the shoulder harnesses strapped up.  It was not an easy feat to stand up.  That ball is heavy and cumbersome.  And I have absolutely no muscles at all.

I like it that way.

And I was off !  I had a few pushes from the keeper of the inflatable balls, and she, and Dannie and I laughed so hard.

And if I had a bucket list, I would now be able to cross one thing off.

Dannie will be getting a few photography pointers from me.

I can’t tell if Esmerelda is curious or terrified.

When we left Harvest House to see the rest of Green Bluff, we naturally followed the exit sign.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Our next stop of exploration, Hidden Acres, had animals.  Yay !  Animals !  Dannie set off to make some friends with the shetland sheep.

This little lady’s bunny unexpectedly had baby bunnies.  She told Dannie and me that she wasn’t sure if her parents would let her keep the babies.  I asked her if she would be sad having to give her bunnies away.  She matter of factly told me, “Oh, we wouldn’t give them away.  We would put them in the freezer to eat.”

Oh, okay.  Tastes like chicken.

We met Hormel, the pig.  I love pigs.  I want a pot-bellied pig, but am afraid that I would be hoodwinked into thinking I was getting a pot-bellied pig and end up with a full-sized pig.  Then said pig would grow to be three-hundred pounds and Randy would start following him (or her) around with a knife in one hand and the lighter for the barbecue in the other.

I love pig noses …

… Especially when they are all dirty and sticking out of the fence boards.

And then there are those curly tails !

Oh, my holy stars.  If a bat would’ve flown out of the bat house, I would still be picking pieces of Dannie up.

I think these are cute.  Because of my Wizard of Oz connection, I believe our place needs one.  Or two.  Three, three is a good number.

I tried to convince Dannie, who doesn’t like hot things (except Mark), to buy this.  That lady is smarter than I look.

And now she wants to make friends with the ram.

Do you not see the size of those horns?

Dannie and I were trying to decide if we wanted to be wedding crashers at Mrs Kalin’s Barn or …

… Or play checkers (*).

We decided instead to go look at more animals.  Dannie is trying to get the goat to pose for the camera …

… Then she decided a kiss was good enough.

Then the goat’s mate got jealous.

Tom is just hangin’, waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around.

The goat couple decided to climb Goat Mountain and survey their domain.

Mrs Kalin’s Barn also had a few ducks.

By Goat Mountain, they had Duck Races.  While there was a wedding in the process of happening there, I was hoping that we would be there long enough to see someone take the ducks out of their cage and race them.

Imagine my surprise when I found out they don’t race real ducks, they race plastic ducks.

Sometimes, I can be quite dense.

We made a stop at Willowpond Pottery and met Basil the cat.

Dannie was also introduced to leeks and we sampled delicious leek soup.

By this time, Green Bluff was getting crowded, our pumpkin donut high was wearing off and Dannie and I were getting too tired to think about going on a horseback ride.

We headed for home, stopping at The Ram Drive In along the way.  Dannie got something to drink, I got a huckleberry soft ice cream cone.  While we were waiting for our treats, I couldn’t help wonder at their condiment pricing.  Not ten cents, eleven cents.  Not twenty-five, or even thirty cents, but twenty-seven cents.

We did have such a wonderful time.  I am looking forward to heading up to the bluff in May to see the pretty flowers.  Dannie, are you in?  I will drive!

~ Dorothy

(*) I know that is a chess board

What do you think?