Just Moseying Around


Randy, Roxy, Otis and I have been hanging out at Kountry Air RV Park in Prattville Alabama.. We left Red Bay mid-morning on Sunday and the drive was probably the most pleasant drive we have experienced yet.


Bay Diesel fixed a leaky wheel seal on the front left tire and Randy says that it now drives like a new coach.

I think that Randy and I have found a way that will guide us to our destination that works better than the GPS has ever thought is working. Randy uses a program called RV Trip Wizard as one of the tools to plan our route. I don’t care for the program much, but it seems to work just fine for him,  Randy printed the turn-by-turn directions.  Who knew it could be so simple.   It made it so easy, combined with the GPS and my paper map, we didn’t make one wrong turn.


The Great McDaniel Adventure is spending some time in Prattville as we needed some down time to sort out the mess that is our new healthcare system. I am not going to get into the long and sordid story, but changes that take place at the first of the year had us scrambling and having to go in a completely different direction.


So here we sit, at Kountry Air RV Park. The park is very nice, it is quiet and in a wooded setting. They had us park are in a newly constructed site at the back of the park, pretty close to being all by ourselves. Our door faces the woods and Roxy and Otis love sniffing around the woods.


This afternoon, I put down my crocheting and spent some time walking around the park taking pictures.  I befriended Rick who is a permanent resident at Kountry Air.  Rick and his very friendly cat, Midnight, were in their garden trimming back the turnip greens.  Rick and I had a nice conversation that ranged from pets to gardening to picture taking.


Earlier this morning, I had noticed this cross at the edge of the property and I asked Rick about it.  Apparently, a church was going to be built in the property adjacent to the park.  The church ran out of money and never finished construction.  Rick found the cross when he was clearing out a small patch of land, he refurbished the cross. put it up and planted a clematis at it’s base.  The owners of the RV park, Don and GiGi, put a table and benches near the cross.  Rick spends time there praying, meditating and hopes that others in the park will feel free to use it, also.


I enjoyed talking to Rick and it just furthers my belief that everybody has an interesting story to tell.  All I have to do is listen.

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