Adventure Hounds Get A Few Lessons In Manners

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For the most part, Roxy and Otis are very good dogs.  They both are good travelers, they love to run and jump and play and they both have the sweetest  personalities.

Being hound dogs, however, they can be quite stubborn.  They also tend to get more than a tiny bit excited and a whole lot vocal if they spy a squirrel, a deer or a leaf.  Or think they have spied a squirrel a deer, or a leaf.


When they are off leash, both Roxy and Otis get along well with other dogs.  Otis will run and play and jump with any living being.  Roxy is more of a people dog.  More than likely, after the initial sniff session, she will wander off to where the humans are hanging.


When Roxy and Otis are on their leashes and we come across another dog, well, that is a totally different story.  Roxy and Otis go crazy.  Oh, my holy stars are these dogs vocal and loud.  It sounds like we have a herd of wild animals with us.

I am pretty sure it is a sibling thing, too.  It seems like one (usually Roxy) pokes at the ant hill that is the other dog.  Poor Otis can get himself worked into such a mental and physical frenzy, and then he is exhausted afterwards.


Randy and I do not encourage this behavior at all.  Both of us have tried everything that we can think of to calm them down.  So far, nothing we have done has worked.

Randy and I have decided to get some professional guidance in teaching Roxy and Otis some good manners.  We have one simple goal : to be able to go on a family walk without small children running and hiding and the park officials asking us to leave.

Neither one of those things have happened.  Yet.  In fact, both Roxy and Otis are on their best behavior around children.  With real little ones, we have seen our dogs get on the ground to little people level.


Randy and I also decided that the entire family needs a refresher on the basics : sit, stay, not jumping up on people, and the big one …  to come when they are called.  That is the most important lesson of them all.  When Roxy was a puppy, she refused to even acknowledge that I was calling her.  I was so sure she was deaf and had the vet test her hearing.

She’s not deaf, just spoiled and stubborn.  This ailment is contagious, as Otis suffers from the same thing.


This morning, Roxy and Otis were peacefully sunning themselves, totally unaware that in a couple hours, their parents would be introducing them to their new friend and teacher, Miss Nell from Dog Max Inc from nearby Crestview Florida.


Our first visit today was spent getting to know each other.  Miss Nell asked Randy and I questions about Roxy and Otis and what our goals for them are.  Miss Nell spent some time with the four of us, teaching us all a thing or two.


The entire family took a huge liking to Miss Nell.  Randy, Roxy, Otis and I have our homework to do in preparation for our next learning session in a couple of weeks.

This may change tomorrow, but right now I can already see positive changes in our dog-children.

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