Fun In Creede Colorado #1

It dawned on me the other day that I did not post much for our time spent in Creede Colorado.  I spent some time this week plowing through all the pictures that I took while we were there in June.  In my first pass through, I picked 268 pictures that I thought would work into a blog.  Or four.  I decided that I needed to narrow it down from there, made a pass through those pictures and ended up with 171 pictures.

A 171

Our home for the month of June … a large site with a cement patio.  The only complaint that Randy and I had was that we were very close to the entrance.  Whenever we sat outside, we were on display for the people who were coming and going.  The best part is that we had front-row seating to see those who thought they could beat the security gate.

A 170

The sunset our first night in Creede.

A 169

The view of the valley as we drove up to Love Lake.

A 168

Love Lake.

A 167

Roxy and Otis’ off-leash play time at Love Lake.

A 166

Posing for a picture!

A 1

Warning!  Warning!  Warning!

A 164

Love Lake from afar.

A 163

Nothing gets Roxy and Otis going more than cows on the road.  Time to plug our ears ‘cause it is going to get loud in the Jeep.

A 162

Watching Snow Melt : Day #4

A 161

Clouds rolling in before sunset.  The weather coming through the mountains around us was amazing to see.  It was constantly changing and beautiful to watch.

A 159

Three neighborhood dogs wandered through the RV park one morning.  They stopped long enough to take a plunge into the pond that was right by us.  I am just glad that Roxy and Otis didn’t see them in the pond.  Randy and I would have had a heck of a time keeping them out of the water.  I can just hear them, “But those dogs got to swim!  Why can’t we?”

A 158

Watching Snow Melt : Day #6

A 157

Blue bird on fencepost : check.

A 154

We took a trail up to Phoenix Falls.

A 153

Randy is contemplating the best way up, over, through or by an obstacle.

A 152

Everywhere we went, someone was carving initials in the poor trees.

A 151

The meadow before Phoenix Falls.

A 150

A stream to cross.  The water looked so clear and refreshing (i.e.: cold).

A 149

And a little fast in some spots.

A 146

This is the stopping point for motorized vehicles.  From this point on, only horseback riding and hiking is allowed on the trail up to the falls.

A 142

An old miner’s cabin

A 148

The inside of the old cabin.

A 147

The Jeep with Phoenix Falls in the distance.

A 145

Otis is under the Jeep for some shade and a bit of rest.  And he is hiding from Roxy.  Not very well.

A 144

Otis and Roxy found the stream!

A 143

Otis just pops up out of nowhere.  Randy and I, and even Roxy thought he would be coming up behind her.  Nope, he comes zipping in from the side.

A 141

Monkey see …

A 140

Monkey do …

A 137

Phoenix Falls up close.  Kind of.

A 139

Hmmm … the same branch that was in our way up to the falls is still in our way on the way down.

A 138

Randy and I are on the lookout for old mining buildings.  They are everywhere.

A 136

Back home in time to watch snow melt.

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  1. As usual beautiful pictures. I use some as desk tops, keep them coming and be safe out there.

    • Colorado is our favorite state, by far! I wouldn’t be surprised to see us spending more and more time there! ~ Dorothy

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