Eagle View RV Resort Fort McDowell Arizona


Last year, Randy learned of what he thought was a hidden gem of an RV park in Fort McDowell Arizona.  The park he found is Eagle View RV Resort.  He discovered it while pursuing the blog of another full-time RV’er.  We were disappointed to find that they were full for the winter of 2014, but we were able to make reservations for the entire month of December of this year.

While Randy and I were studying up on the route to Fort McDowell, etc, before we left Camp Verde, both of us had a forehead – slapping – what – were – we – thinking moment.  You see, in studying the earth view of the park on the Google, and then looking up reviews on RV Park Reviews, Randy and I found that the park is basically a parking lot with hookups.

Albeit, a nicely kept parking lot with hook-ups.  Keeping in mind that these type of RV parks are not the places The Great McDaniel Adventure is looking for, here is my review of Eagle View RV Resort.


Eagle View RV Resort has about 150 sites, most of these are back in.  There are a few that are drive-in, back out.  All the roads and the sites are paved.  The sites are level and all have full hookups.  The sites on the right in this picture are the ‘deluxe’ sites, probably because they do not back up to another neighbor.


All the sites are big-rig friendly, and close to ones neighbor.  Each site has a tiny patch of gravel and barely enough room to park a tow vehicle on the paved portion of the site.  There is no picnic table or fire pit (you are in the flammable desert, silly).


I was pleasantly surprised that the park’s WiFi was decent, considering the amount of people at the park.  (I am of the belief that the casino across the highway is the big draw.)  They also offer cable television.  The cable television is free if you are paying the daily rate, it is $1.00 a day if you are a monthly resident.


Despite the amount of people in the park, it is surprisingly quiet.  One thing that I did notice is there is not much for lighting during the nighttime hours.

The park is close to the town of Fountain Hills, which has every kind of shopping and services most would need.


While I didn’t get a picture of it, there is a nice staging area on either side of the office / clubhouse / courtyard area.  It is the best area to unhook when you are arriving and to hookup when leaving.


Eagle View RV Resort is dog friendly and they strictly enforce their leash ‘laws’.  The dog park is located in a far corner of the park and is a decent size.  A pooh bag dispenser is located at the end of every street, but in and around the park, receptacles to deposit used pooh bags are few and far between.

Which reminds me … there is only one garbage dumpster and it is located in back of the office, which is a decent walk from most sites.  The park does have a garbage service that picks up your bag of refuse as long as you have it out by a certain time in the morning.


This is why the ‘deluxe’ sites are more money.  It is a nice area to walk the pooches.


It isn’t just for walking dogs.  We met a grandpa that was taking a baby for a walk.  Off leash, but the rules didn’t mention anything about babies and leashes.


Grass is a rare commodity in the desert.  This was the only patch I found and it was well used by Roxy and Otis.


One is able to walk on the other side of the fence at their own risk.  The main reason for caution is due to the banks of the Verde River being undercut.  Roxy and I can attest to this area being inhabited by cows ‘cause we saw one on our morning walk.  I am sure that there are other critters and vegetation out there that sting, poke and bite.


Eagle View (oh, and by the way, Randy and I did see an eagle one morning) has a very nice clubhouse attached to their office.  The park offers free pastries and coffee every morning.

I went over to the clubhouse a couple of mornings to mail a DVD back to Netflix.  Just for fun, I went in through the clubhouse door to get to the office.  A chapter of Women Who RV were spending the weekend at the park.  Anyone who wanted a pastry would have to fight their way through these woman.  Trust me, it would have been a losing battle.


This is the courtyard in the center of the office area is very nicely landscaped.


The park offers an exercise room, laundry facilities as well as showers.

Please remember that since our home on wheels is entirely self-contained, I do not check out these amenities.


The pool and hot tub area.


A patio with a few propane grills for guests to use.


Horseshoes, …


… Basketball or tennis, anyone?


As always, the real test of an RV park would be, “Would we stay here again?”  The answer to that question for the GMcA would be a solid ’no.’

If you are considering Eagle View for an overnight stay, please keep in mind that there are absolutely no pull-thru sites within the park.

What do you think?