About Me


My name is Dorothy and I am a middle-aged lady who loves the Lord, her husband, Randy, all my family and friends and sunshine.

Randy and I are the parents to two dogs who have wormed their way into our hearts in a real big way.


This is Roxy, she is an Whippet / Beagle mix and every bit the princess.


Our Oits is a Plott Hound and is a rough and tumble boy.

Randy and I are those dog owners – the ones who take their dogs everywhere.  The ones who don’t mind dog kisses no matter where their tongues have been beforehand.  The ones who lets the welfare of the dogs dictate what we do, when we do it and how we do it.

I am also a lover of video games, electronics, sugar, taking pictures and writing.

And wine.

Although, not in that order.


In the fall of 2013, Randy and I decided to sell our house and belongings, buy a motorhome and spend some time touring the United States of America.

I hope that you enjoy our adventures!

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dorothy I am Peggy Andersen Laswell. You and parents lived across from my parents home in Kent. Do you remember me . I’m the baby of the bunch. Teri has her ups and downs and Bobi still going strong and myself beat breast cancer twice. Been clean sense 2013. Hope to stay that way. Anyhow I just wanted to say hi . Your dad sent this to me ., How is Debbie ? If you like to stay in touch here is my email address.

    • Hi Peggy … of course I remember you! Thanks for your email address … I will send you a note … Good to hear from you! ~ Dorothy

  2. Dorothy, it was a pleasure meeting you and Randy on the Entegra plant tour. We were most impressed with the manufacturing process of the Entegra. We are contacting a dealer in Florida to flush out the process. We, too, travel with our dog and often give in to her wants, not ours. Enjoyed your comments on the Elkhart Rally. Blessings on you and Randy as you travel the American highways. If you are in the Charlotte area, give us a call. I believe I gave you my business card before we left the plant.

    • Hi Jeri ~ I was very nice to meet you as well. We have been through the Tiffin plant and Entegra’s manufacturing process has them beat. Thank you for reading. ~ Dorothy

  3. Hi there Dorothy. I hope you and your husband and dogs make it up the coast and into the Olympic Peninsula. The rain forest is not something you’d want to miss!

    • Hi Lenee ~ Thanks for reading and commenting. Randy and I both grew up on the western side of Washington State. You are so right, the Olympic Peninsula is beautiful. I know a trip down the west coast has been talked about … don’t know when, tho !

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