Today I am participating in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge : Reflecting.

The first thought that came to my mind is the many times that I have worked on achieving a reflection in my image.  Sometimes I am happy, sometimes, I am not.  I happen to be happy with the above picture.

2003 ~ I had never been to Las Vegas before 2003.  That year, I visited the city three times.

However, there is another type of reflection happening around our house as I have been working on a massive project to digitize and organize thirty years worth of pictures.  I started last summer, importing all my images into Apple’s Photos program, adding keywords, and organizing the pictures into events and such.

2004 ~ We had to do it once … attend a Seahawks football game at Quest Field.

Plodding through recent years has been time consuming as I have been known to take a zillion pictures of the same thing, with different lenses and at different angles.  Once I made it into 2009 and previous years, my project is moving along much quicker.

2005 ~ Floating the Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming

2006 ~ We moved to Texas !

But now … now I am about to embark on those years where pictures were taken the old fashioned way … with film.  And this means scanning from negatives or from the actual picture that lives in our photo albums.

2007 ~ Traveling to the ‘Memphis In May’ barbecue competition and festival.

2008 ~ Traveling to New Jersey to spend Christmas with our dear friends, Nina and Ed.

Looking at old photos certainly plays interestingly on one’s emotions.  Looking straight at me are the youngin’s ~ nieces, nephews, the grandkids ~ all grown up and some with families of their own now.  I look at pictures of holidays and special occasions and I see loved ones who, for one reason or another, are no longer in our lives.  It is at those times that it is best to put my project away for a while.

2009 ~ Randy and Shaun keeping track of Husky football on their new toys … iPhones … and making sure to keep one eye on Sammy cheering at a football game.  Because, that is what we are there for!

2011 ~ Randy, Roxy and I enjoying boating on Lake Norfork in Arkansas.

A few years ago, I was asked why I take so many pictures and just what the heck am I going to do with so many of them?  I have thought of those questions quite often since.  When I am gone, no one is going to care.

But I know that I care now.  And Randy cares, too.  Out of every year I organize, I select those that I consider to be ‘favorites’.  Those pictures are loaded onto my phone, my iPad and Randy’s lap top.  Through our Apple TV, those pictures rotate as our screen saver on our TV.

2014 ~ Leaving Arkansas behind to explore the United States.

I can’t articulate how enjoyable it is to watch these pictures of our life flash by.  There have been many times when both Randy and I just sit and watch.

And reflect.

2015 ~ I will photograph (most) anything and signs give me a whole lot of amusement.  This one is in Prattville Alabama.

I am up to over 13,000 images that I have considered worthy enough to be called a ‘favorite’.  At random, for today’s post, I selected the first ten that caught my eye.





7 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. I scanned all our photos before we left the house. Took me a long long time. And Frank did all his slides too. I still take loads of pictures. But every now and then I leave the camera home. Then wish I had it when I see something. My camera is starting to sound labored. Think it may have worn out or got sand in it. Need to look into finding a “new” one. Hate to get new electronics and learning how to use it. I like how you call yours the favorites. I call mine the money shot. Some day when we are old and can’t remember anything, we will have our photos to look at.

    • I had to have mine cleaned last year. It made a big difference. I get really mad at myself when I don’t have a camera with me … there always seems to be a shot that I miss out on !

  2. Wish I had one of those statues I assume they are of the different kinds of Pigs to put in my yard . Way cute. Be safe but have fun in your adventures. Peggy

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