Texture Isn’t Just For Fabric

Today, I am participating in The Daily Post’s photo challenge of Textures.  For this blog post, I didn’t purposefully go out and look for pictures to take.  For one reason it is 9000° out there in the sun.  Well, maybe I added a couple extra zeros to the temperature.  Another reason is, that after my chores were (mostly) done this afternoon, I took a nap.  While I was dozing, I thought of a few pictures in my archives that shouted ‘texture’ to me.

Randy, Roxy and Otis met up with our resident toad one evening.

Many years ago, I was experimenting with settings on my camera using my dad’s baby shoes and my mom’s pearls as the subject.

If I do say so myself, this is a fairly good shot of a praying mantis.  In my opinion, though, what makes the shot is the screw protruding out on the deck boards.

What could be more texture-ific than a grasshopper resting on a drafting brush?

The tide going out on the beach in North Carolina.

The smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia has been a constant haze the past week or so and this shot of the moon was taken the night before last.

5 thoughts on “Texture Isn’t Just For Fabric

  1. A wonderful series of photos! Really good choices for this week’s topic. I did a double take with the toad photo; didn’t see him at first…

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