I might not always post what I write, but I do my very best to be disciplined about writing a blog.  I always have a couple of ideas rattling around in my brain and in my notebook about what I would like to write about.

Sometimes, like now, I sit on the couch, with my Otis snoring beside me and just type.

I woke up today at 3 …ante meridiem.  (That is in the morning.)  Waking up super early was bad enough, but the massive headache that woke me up was worse.  I rarely get headaches and when I do, popping a couple of ibuprofen makes the headache go away.

That was not the case today, however.  I have been taking ibuprofen all day, and while it has helped to make a dent in the headache, it hasn’t taken it away completely.

However, it is Blog Day and the show must go on so as not to dissapoint my thirty-six readers.

I had a blog in mind for today, but I did a quick check on The Daily Post to see what the weekly photo challenge is.  The challenge this week is : Glow.

As Randy, Roxy, Otis and I dashed off for a quick trip to the cookie store, I thought of a few pictures that would fit into a ‘glow’ blog and shelved the one that I had planned.

Just so you know, the cookie store is actually the garbage dump.  I call it the cookie store because there is a basket of dog treats in the office.  The people who work there know Roxy and Otis and they make double sure that I don’t leave without grabbing cookies for them.  So what really happens is that I pay five bucks for two medium size Milk Bones and get to drop our trash off for free.

During the day, I thought of a couple of more pictures for the post.  So, after my dinner I sat down to plow through my pictures to find them.  I found more ‘glow’ pictures than I ever thought possible.

I narrowed down the pictures, then started writing, then thought of yet another picture.  I took it when we were in Vidalia Louisiana, at an RV park right on the Mississippi River.  It is a shot taken at night, of a river boat, lights aglow, with the Natchez ~ Vidalia Bridge in the background.

It would have been perfect for this blog.

Would have are operative words because I cannot find the picture now.  Despite a quick look through my pictures, then a couple more thorough searches, it was not to be found.  I guess I dreamt that the Great McDaniel Adventure stopped there for a few days.

But as you can see, I found quite a few that are glow candidates.

I know what I will be doing tomorrow.  I loathe losing a picture and fuss and fret over it like I have lost a friend.  Tomorrow, I will be conducting a slow and methodical search for my river boat picture.  Worst case scenario is that The Adventure will have to make a trip to Louisiana to recreate the picture.

11 thoughts on “Glow

  1. I hope that glowing headache leaves you soon (go to cookie store and loose its what and falls into a hole or something and vanish). Like your glowing dog

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