Kindness ~ An Experiment

Today, quite by accident, I am participating in The Daily Post’s weekly challenge : Experimental.

On my mind for today’s blog was to take some time and play around with cute and clever ways with text using Photoshop Elements 15.  While I know how to perform some basic maneuvers, I have never taken the time to play around with the program.  Using quotes on Sweatpants and Coffee’s post on ‘kindness‘, I said to myself, “Myself, just how hard can it be to play with fonts, colors and placement?  Its only twelve quotes and pictures, how long can it take?”

Well, lemme tell you, it can take the better part of the afternoon to get six pictures done.

The first thing I promised myself is not to spend, like I usually do, an ungodly amount of time in choosing the pictures and the fonts.  I can get lost in my pictures and in fonts.

I knew there would be a learning curve, but I seriously underestimated the amount of time I would need to learn that learning curve.

And then, just when I thought I had it all figured out, Holy CrapWeasel, PSE refused to do what it had just successfully done for me five seconds ago.

So, what did I learn?

~ I learned how to place a transparent shape behind the text so that the image shows through, while not totally obscuring the text.  I have become an expert on this procedure.

~ I learned how to place text around a shape, like an oval.  So what if the reader has to stand on their head, or turn their laptop upside down to read it?  I PLACED TEXT SUCCESSFULLY AROUND AN OVAL!

~ I learned not to place text in the area where the copyright is placed.

~ I learned that typographical errors are more than likely to occur when I am doing fancy stuff to my pictures.

~ I learned, or rather just now remembered that I have a Photoshop Elements for Dummies book.  It probably would have been helpful to remember that fact four or five hours ago.

It is now wine o’clock.  I do believe that I will pour myself a plastic glass of boxed Delicious Blush, find my Dummies book and see what my next project will be.

3 thoughts on “Kindness ~ An Experiment

  1. Nice work with Photoshop Elements. I also have that program and it’s so fun to use – a watered down version of Photoshop with not too many bells and whistles. It can be hard the first time when we use some kind of editing program. Like you, I can spend ungodly hours on it. So many options, so many tools to play with. Love the quotes, and agree happiness is a choice. It’s all about perspective.

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