That First Day Out After Open Heart Surgery

Today, I am participating in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge.  The challenge this week is to pick the most meaningful photo that you have taken in 2017.

I didn’t have to search far to find the photo I was after.  This picture was taken on January 8th, not quite a month after Randy had open heart surgery.  With very cold temperatures and quite a bit of snow on the ground, this was not only Randy’s first trip out of the house after surgery, it was his first time driving.

I am pretty sure that the doctor had told him not to drive for 6-8 weeks, but you try telling that to a man who has been cooped up for almost a month with his anxious, hovering wife and two dogs.

First, we made a trip to Safeway to get a few provisions and to pick up a prescription.  I remember the line to at the pharmacy was really long and Randy suggested that he do our shopping while I waited in line.  Oh, my holy stars, letting him out of my sight was hard to do.  It seemed like an eternity before I caught sight of him again.

The trip to town went so well that we decided to throw caution to the wind and make a much needed trip to the garbage dump.

I am always amazed at what I see ‘saved’ in the garbage dump building.  I was taking a picture of the skis, then I saw the irony in the need for a garbage can at the garbage dump.  Sometimes, my mind goes to strange places.

Happy New Year !

~ Dorothy

4 thoughts on “That First Day Out After Open Heart Surgery

  1. I can see why you chose that photo, it is certainly filled with meaning for you and Randy and marks his return to normal life, being behind the wheel and all. Great photo; visiting from WPC: Favourites x Linda 🙂

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