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Why Place Training?

What kinds of dogs does
Place Training benefit?

Place training teaches your dog:

  • How to have an "off" switch

  • How to quickly go from chaos to calm

  • How to develop a calmer, more gentle mind & body

  • How to become more confident around common triggers like other dogs & people

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I don't think there is a dog out there who ​doesn't benefit from Place Training! However, Place Training is immensely beneficial to owners who are struggling with any behavioral issues with their dog. If your dog displays any of the following behaviors, place training is for you!

Place training is for you if your dog:

  • Cannot settle in the home

  • Barks out the window at neighbors, the mailperson, and dogs going by

  • Barking/lunging/snapping while walking on a leash 

  • Is nervous or fearful of new people, environments, dogs, or other stimuli

  • Resource guards food, toys, furniture or a person

  • Has a high drive, is highly intelligent and gets bored easily

  • Jumps on and/or barks at guests when they come over

  • Displays anxious behaviors in your home

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What does this guide include?

  • 8 videos led by Sam detailing step-by-step how to build the foundation of place training

  • How to use an e-collar for place training (made especially for those who have never used an e-collar!)

  • A checklist for how to use place training when guests come over

  • Details on where and when to use place training

  • Troubleshooting place training behaviors

FYI -- this guide integrates e-collar training. Please note you must purchase an e-collar separately on your own (details in guide).

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