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The Hanalei:
Community Training Program

"The Hanalei" is a 6-week cohort community training program where you will learn how to implement a reliable, stable foundation for your dog's training. The program is designed to help owners who feel like they need a jumpstart learning how to build functional training. Seamlessly bring supportive training techniques for a more easeful, cohesive life for your dog AND you!

Build your foundation!

Who is this program for?

  • You've newly adopted a dog from the shelter or a rescue

  • You have a puppy 6-months to 1-year and want to start off right

  • You're new to the e-collar

  • Your dog already has a training foundation but you want to condition them to the e-collar

  • Your dog is good *most of the time* but you struggle in certain areas

  • You're a highly motivated dog owner who already has some dog training experience

What's included?

  • A small cohort (5-7 people)

  • Weekly 2-hour group class led by Sam (Classes will be recorded)

  • Weekly Lunch Hour Q&A

  • Learn Place Training

  • Learn Crate Training

  • Learn leash-walking skills (heel)

  • Learn how to teach your dog calm

  • Foundation for Off-Leash Recall

  • E-collar Conditioning

  • Learn to cultivate a lifestyle that supports your dog

  • Connect with others and build community

  • Weekly homework assignments with direct feedback on progress from Sam

  • Private Facebook Group

Investment: $620

Please note you are required to purchase your own e-collar, place bed, crate, and any other training tools needed.

Next cohort will be Spring 2024. Please apply and I will send you further information.

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