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Virtual Training Programs

Join Sam with Adventure Hounds for virtual programs that will change your life! These programs are accessible to anyone, anywhere! We currently offer two programs, as highly requested from owners who don't live in North Carolina. Our virtual programs are guaranteed to transform your life! Sam offers clear and tangible support for you to move through the program step-by-step. 

Many of you know my own two dogs, Hanalei and Tena. In general, Hanalei is a dog who is stable, confident, and needs less management. Whereas Tena has required more intensive training and management. So "The Hanalei" is a program for those who need support, but a little less. And "The Tena" is a program for those who need more intensive support!

The Hanalei:

Community Training Program

ha · nuh · lay


A 6-Week Cohort Program that meets weekly to learn the foundation of a calm, supportive, and functional lifestyle for you and your dog. With direct support from Sam and weekly homework assignments (and direct feedback on the homework), this program is everything you need to set you up for suceeding!

The Tena:

Personalized Training Program

teh · nuh


A 6-Week One-on-One Program that offers you direct and personalized support. This is a program carefully curated for you and your dog's needs. Sam will be there to guide you through every single step, and will be available through private sessions and daily text support.  ​This program is designed to help you THRIVE in you and your dog's life!

Hear what other virtual clients are saying:

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