Words From A Frog

Today I am participating in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge ‘It IS Easy Being Green’.

From ‘Wise Words From Kermit’

“There are never enough comfort stops. The places you’re going to are never on the map. And once you get that map out, you won’t be able to refold it no matter how smart you are.”

“I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me.”

“Though it’s frantic at the theater, here I leave that all behind, and the calm within my garden gives this frog some peace of mind.”

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending.”

“Take a look above you, discover the view. If you haven’t noticed, please do. Please do. Please do.”

“This frog may slip and stumble, but this frog tries again. This frog will never grumble, but fall to rise again.”

“Here’s some simple advice: Always be yourself. Never take yourself too seriously. And beware of advice from experts, pigs and members of Parliament.”

“Be proud of your flippers and the flies that you catch. And the logs that you leap and the eggs you will hatch.”

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