The Best Of April 2017

The first bug of the spring.

Roxy and Otis saying ‘good morning’.  Then, Roxy hits Otis with a right hook, then bites his back leg.  It is their ritual.

The second bug of the spring!  And what is that I see?  A shadow?  That must mean the sun is out!

On April 7th, the snow was slowly melting off the Hoodoo Mountains.

On April 10th, this happened.

A Squish Baby went on a photo shoot.  Then, as I usually do, I lost him.   Then I enlisted Randy in the search party, then found him in my pocket.

The Squish Baby, not Randy.

Frost on ‘shrooms.

Our princess is soaking up some rays.  She just loves to bake in the sun.

‘Shrooms and moss.

Moss and dew.

Creepiest bug ever.  I swear, it was grasshopper in the front and bee in the back.

♪♫♩Somewhere over the Hoodoo’s, the sky is blue ♫♩♪

Seriously?  The air machine takes credit cards?

Momma and papa bluebird are back to start a family in the eaves of our RV port.

So far, they have been successful in fighting off the swallows.  I want the bluebirds to win.  But there are three swallows and only two bluebirds.  A couple of mornings, we have woken to nest material on the patio.

Randy and I are working on building the perfect pizza.  So far, we have had only medium success.  But the Canadian bacon that Randy made, well it is dee-licious!

This interesting fungi, or growth of some sort, has not changed since Randy first discovered it the middle of March.  Then, all of a sudden, it vanished.

“Cookies, please.”

Randy is getting a fire started.  We are just missing the chairs and the cocktails.

And a clock that is perpetually 5pm.

Roxy and Otis both got new tags.

They are stylin’ now!

While Randy works in the shop, Roxy is stationed outside, making sure he doesn’t go anywhere without her.  Like the hospital.

My Jeep!  It’s mine, I say !  Well, Randy can put gas in it.  But it is still my Jeep.

Roxy is not excited about getting a pedicure.

She is weathering the thunderstorm quite well.

She has found herself a new treasure.  A dryer sheet, which she carried partway around the neighborhood when we went for a walk.

The cool cats of the ‘hood.  From the top, Bennie, Reba and Elvis.

Don’t tell Reba and Bennie, but Elvis is the coolest of the trio.  That is just my opinion.

Otis really wants to eat my salad.  Is it odd that I don’t use lettuce in my salads and I eat them with a spoon?

A question best left unanswered.

Roxy is giving Otis the stink eye, just daring him to approach.  Cautiously, Otis gets closer.  Then, Roxy hits Otis with a right hook, then bites his back leg.  It is their ritual.


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