The (Very) Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is in full swing at our little piece of heaven.  While it may get a bit warm during the day, the evenings cool off nicely.  And mornings have been cool enough for Roxy, Otis and I to take our walk around the neighborhood.  After our walk, and after breakfast for the dogs, Roxy goes into the house to nap a bit and then she wakes Randy.  Otis and I make our coffee outside and enjoy the quietness of the early morning.

Randy and I have the invisible fence up and running and it is working very well for the dogs.  And for us.  Otis, who is a bit more prone to wander than Roxy, will trot off, make his rounds around our property and then meander back to the patio for a nap.  Both dogs, who have been ‘stung’ by the fence only twice, have become very respectful of their new boundaries.

Speaking of Otis, he has turned into quite the hunter.  After stalking the moles and / or gophers that have lived in our yard for the past year, he finally captured one.  The very next day, Otis comes back to the patio from a hunt, pleased as punch with himself because he had caught a mouse.  This morning, he caught a mouse for his breakfast.

My violas are blooming and they are beautiful !  As the blooms die off, I will gather the seeds and plant them everywhere! Randy will be very happy with me, especially when the violas seed themselves into the lawn.

Our neighbors, Jim and Judy, hosted a 4th of July get together on … wait for it … the 4th of July.  As always, Randy and I have a good time with our group of neighbors.  There was an abundance of delicious food and entertaining conversation.  It may not be the healthiest food in the world, but sometimes, a roasted hot dog is just what a person needs.

While I did get my laptop with it’s new trackpad back late last week, over the weekend, the trackpad started acting up over the weekend.  I ended up taking the laptop back to the computer hospital this afternoon.  And since the pictures from the 4th of July barbecue are on my laptop, and I don’t have my laptop, all I can share with you is another pretty viola.

Randy has made a plan to start the restoration of the ’56 wagon and he has been spending quite a bit of time in his shop tinkering.  It is so wonderful to see that he feels great and has energy.  Who knew that the proper amount of blood flow would make such a difference?

Roxy guards the door to the garage to make sure Randy doesn’t go anywhere without her knowledge.

I have been spending my days doing my favorite things : reading, playing games, crocheting and watching my shows.  My new favorite show is on Hulu and it is called ‘The Hot Wives of Las Vegas.’  It is a parody of the ‘Real Housewives of …’ shows on Bravo and it is outrageously hilarious.  There is also another show on Hulu called ‘The Hot Wives of Orlando’ that I am sure is just as funny and entertaining.

And speaking of games, I have come to the conclusion that, while I have never excelled at most video games, I do not have the dexterity to play The Legend of Zelda ~ Breath of the Wild.  There are so many buttons on the Wii controller to push and pull and twist while trying to defeat the dungeon bosses that I can’t make any headway at all.  When a game becomes frustrating instead of fun, it is time to do something different.

I did take a tumble out of the 5th-wheel last week.  I have no clue how it happened, one second I was asking Roxy if she wanted to go for a walk, the next second I was landing on the patio.  The most painful part of the fall was landing on the tube of lip gloss that I had in the pocket of my shorts.  I now have a very colorful (and painful) bruise on my upper thigh, that unfortunately, isn’t in the shape of anything interesting.

The patio is just fine, thank you for asking.


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  1. I sure enjoy your pictures . Thank you and keep them coming please. Love Peggy

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