My ‘Ooh, Shiny!’

Today, I am participating in last week’s Photo Challenge, Ooh, Shiny! at The Daily Post.

I will take pictures of almost anything.  But after giving it some thought, I have come to the conclusion that I like finding and taking pictures of bugs the most.

On the rare occasion that I do not have a camera with me and I come across a bug, I run like a girl back to the house to grab said camera.  But not before I tell the bug to stay put and not move until I get back.

Sometimes they listen.  Sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes they don’t move at all.  Because they are dead.  This luna moth got absolutely pounded in an Arkansas spring thunderstorm.  Randy worked hard on trying to save him, he took him into the garage and dried him off, but he didn’t make it.


I spent a whole lotta time sneaking up and getting closer and closer to this tarantula that I found on our patio at the house in Texas.  It dawned on me at some point that he wasn’t moving.  At all.  Yep, dead.

Early one morning in Arkansas, I discovered this moth resting on my marigolds, covered in silvery drops of dew.  Yep, dead.

Then there is the photo opp when a moth flies in (and drowns) in my wine glass.  Yep, dead.  But he died happy!

Last weekend, Randy and were exploring our county fair.  I noticed a white butterfly bouncing around the squash plants that were planted outside the 4-H building.  Of course, I stopped to get a picture.  Randy laughed and said, “How many pictures of butterflies do you need?”  One more, ’cause I don’t think I have a shot of a white butterfly.

PS ~ One can never have too many pictures of butterflies.

The circle of life … ant vs caterpillar.  I am always excited to get a bug action shot.  The ant shadow is a bonus.

PS ~ The ant won.

There is also an added bit of surprise and happiness when I am out taking pictures of the flora around me and I find a bug lurking in the blossom.  Sometimes, I don’t even notice the bug until after the pictures are developed.

Can you see the teeny-tiny bug?

The other day, I was hanging around my flower beds.  I just knew that if I waited long enough and I kept my eyes open, all sorts of bugs would appear.

I discovered bees and wasps, and then decided that I would work on getting a picture of this guy in flight.

Roughtly two-hundred pictures later …

… This is the best that I got.

But, I turned around and there was this little guy staring quizzically at me.  I got a few good shots of him, though on this one, I should have used a smaller aperture to bet more of the steps that he was sitting on.

Camera lingo … makes it sound like I know what I am doing !

And then … Otis and I continued on our walk-about and found this ball of angry yellow jackets.  They did not like me taking pictures of them at all.  You can bet that both Otis and I both ran like a girl to get Randy.  Randy grabbed his can of Brake Clean and hosed those puppies down.  The angry ball of yellow jackets was history in seconds.


What do you think?