The Best Of August 2017

I am sure that winter will show up in the next day or two and I will be left with just fond memories of our sunny and warm August …

What is wrong with this picture?  Nothing, if it was cocktail hour.  It just happens to be 9 in the morning and Randy accidentally grabbed a beer from the fridge instead of a Mountain Dew.

Yes, he poured it out.

After I got finished laughing at Randy, I noticed a bug in my coffee.

A sure sign of how the rest of our day was going to go.

This summer, Randy used this bucket to catch the water that drips from the air conditioner.  We have dubbed it our “Redneck Water Feature”.

The yellow jackets showed up late in the summer.  I found that a frying pan splatter screen works great for shooing the nasty critters away.  My redneck bee swatter.

We do our grocery shopping at Mitchell’s in Priest River.  In the parking lot of the grocery store is a drive-in that has yummy soft-serve ice cream cones.  I may have to change grocery stores.

Fifty-five lakes and multiple rivers in our corner of the world and this guy is boating on his driveway.

I may live in eastern Washington, but modern technology has allowed me to watch the Seafair hydroplane races.  I was not impressed, however, with KIRO7’s coverage, or, I should say, lack of coverage of the races.  I hope they take all the complaints to heart and go back to broadcasting the races the right way next year.

Otis hides most of his treasures in the woods so Roxy can’t find them.  Every so often, he will gather them all up and then place them all around him on his bed.

The solar eclipse happened in August!  While it didn’t go totally dark here in Newport, it did get dark enough to turn on our vapor light.  I enjoyed watching the eclipse on the NASA website.  Saw the whole thing from the luxury of my patio chair.

The day after the eclipse, I found this in the street in our neighborhood.  I would save it for the next eclipse, but chances are I wouldn’t remember where I put it.

Roxy is giving me the stink-eye because she has made herself a comfy nest in the bedding.  She doesn’t want me to ruin it by making the bed.  I used to be a stickler for making the bed every day.  Now I don’t care if it is made or not ~ as long as the dogs are happy.

Turkeys trotted through our place again.  Roxy and Otis chased most of them up into the trees.

One landed on the roof of the garage, and was looking around for the rest of his family.

Roxy planted herself at the garage just in case the turkeys came back.

Mad Squirrel continued to irritate Roxy and Otis by chattering at them from the trees, drinking out of their water bowl and dropping pinecones on them.

I wonder if he knows that we can see him.

Roxy is bound and determined to climb a tree and get to Mad Squirrel.

Randy and Otis just hangin’ out after a hard day of playing, I mean working, in the shop.

I found some very photogenic old buildings when, on our way home from Spokane, we took a long cut.

There were even some cool old cars in the ‘yard’, too.

I kept my eyes on these ‘shrooms, watching them grow.  One morning, they were gone.  Disappeared.  Vanished.  Nothing was left of them, not a single trace of them remained.

I am beginning to think that deer will eat anything.

The deer even managed to strip the leaves off of this plant, despite those nasty looking thorns on the stem.

My butterfly bushes are blooming!  Between the dogs and the deer, I am not sure they will survive until next year.  Butterfly bushes are supposed to be deer resistant, but they sure like the tender new leaves.

Not everything blooms prettily.

If I would pick out a favorite picture for the month, this would be it.

My boy, Otis.

I lost my teaspoon.  It was in the garbage disposal.  Guess how I found out?

2 thoughts on “The Best Of August 2017

  1. I always look forward to the photos and captions…Great job Dorothy

  2. Love your pictures as always . Be safe . But keep on having fun.Peggy

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