Waiting For The First Snow Odds and Ends

My dad’s weather wizards have predicted the first snow of the season for us starting tomorrow.  ‘They’ claim we may get 1″- 3″ of snow tomorrow and 3″ – 7″ over the night on Thursday.  I am not bothered … now that Randy’s heart is in full functioning order and that ‘we’ have a tractor!

Speaking of snow … The Hoodoo’s received their first dusting of snow the middle of October.  It had all disappeared by the end of the day, though.

I have never been good at most video games and newer games are getting harder for me to play and make any headway.  When a supposedly fun activity becomes an exercise in futility, it is time to make some changes.  I had a heart to heart talk with myself and came to the conclusion that my video game playing days are over.  Well, not completely over.  While I donated my Playstations and WiiU console, games and accessories, Randy convinced me to keep my Wii console and games.  Plus, I have plenty of games on my iPad to play.

I did have to buy a new GameCube controller for the Wii.  Yes, I do have a few ancient, but fun, Gamecube games.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think the after-market controller I bought was manufactured in the United States.

In that heart to heart conversation that I mentioned above, I decided that I wanted to get back to painting.  I bought some supplies and set up a painting area on the dining room table of the 5th-wheel.  I do have to relocate Randy out of his space when I want to set up my area and do some painting, but that’s okay with him.  He spends most of his time in his shop, anyway.

And now … the dogs …

I accidentally left a paper towel on the couch and Otis snagged it for his very own.  He just loves to tear up paper.  This is his “I ain’t hiding nothin’ mom!” look.

I may have taken the paper towel away from him before he shredded it up, but all was made better when I brought home a stick.  I found it on my morning walk and I knew Otis would love it.  I do have to say that cleaning up paper towel shreds would have been a lot easer than cleaning up the wood slivers.

Otis thinks he needs his own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account.

While it has been cold overnight, we are managing to get a few hours of sunny and warm weather in.  Roxy is loving soaking up the warm fall sunshine.  Randy and I don’t want to tell her that the sun is going to disappear for a while.

After Roxy’s sun soak, she comes inside and jumps into the recliner.  She curls herself up into a pretzel to take a nap.

After her nap, she takes her bone up to her bed in the shop to help Randy do garage stuff.

It is tough being a dog at our house.


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