Adventure Hounds Go To The Top Of Hoodoo Mountain

In October, Roxy and Otis jumped in the Jeep and said, “C’mon … its a beautiful fall day!  Let’s drive to the top of Hoodoo Mountain!”  Randy and I said, “Good idea!”  We packed the cooler and off we went.

We adventured with our friends and neighbors, Harold and Julie and Dannie and Mark.  We drove about ten miles south of us to the Blanchard Community Center where …

Harold unloaded their RZR …

… and Mark unloaded their Wildcat.

Roxy and Otis were very excited that others besides Randy and I were going.

And we are off ~ heading to Blanchard Cutoff Road to take forest service roads up 5119 feet to the top Hoodoo Mountain.

Harold and Julie have a very cool LED flag for their RZR.  I really, really want to get one for my bicycle.  Having such an awesome flag would only benefit Randy as it would be easier to spot me when I crash into the ditch.

Dannie and Mark made a special trip to Albuquerque New Mexico to pick up their new toy.  I mean, tool.

Making a stop to check out the view.

I am not sure, but that could possibly be Mount Spokane peeking up over the horizon.

Really?  You can’t be bothered to pick up your empty shells after you are done shooting illegally on Forest Service land?

Roxy and Otis are waiting eagerly to get out  to sniff and hunt.

I was on the lookout for fall colors.

Harold and Mark were making sure that our assortment of vehicles are allowed on the roads.

Dannie?  Dannie?  Is that you in there?

The higher we got, the more colorful the trees and vegetation got.

This is the start of a few ‘moguls’ in the road.  The Forest Service probably put these mounds in the road to keep vehicles from going too fast on the road.

Harold and Mark are securing the extra gas cans in Harold’s RZR.

The road to the top of Hoodoo Mountain.

I am drawn to take pictures of lone trees.

I think there is something pretty about tree standing tall and pretty all by it’s lonesome.

While Harold was looking for our neighborhood and for other landmarks, Roxy and Otis were having a ball exploring.

Harold and Julie enjoying the view.

The beautiful view from atop Hoodoo Mountain.

Blanchard lake in the distance.

Time for a picnic !

Obviously, where we picnicked is a popular place to stop and enjoy the view.

Randy drove the Jeep up for a look-see.

Plotting to make the Wildcat faster.

Harold and Julie and their RZR.

Dannie and Mark and their Wildcat.

Yet another lone, yet majestic tree.

And we are off, back down the mountain.

Pretty fall colors, now on my side of the Jeep.

This is looking back to the road we just traveled down.

Randy and I are slowpokes, and we stop often so that I can take pictures.  I have even been known to have Randy turn around so that I can get a shot that I missed.  When we got to the bottom of the mountain the others were so kindly waiting for us.

To give you a bit of perspective, this is the view of Hoodoo Mountain from our backyard.

This is our place from the top of the mountain.

This was a very fun day for Randy, Roxy, Otis and myself.  We enjoyed the company, the ride and the view.  We are ready to go out again with the McCurdy’s and the Brandt’s.


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