Getting Ready For Christmas Good Things

What little we have for Christmas decorations are unboxed the day after Thanksgiving.  And not a moment sooner.  Nothing says Christmas like our one-winged angel and the nativity made from decorative nails.

I splurged and bought a brand new Christmas mug for myself.  Yes, it holds a large amount of coffee.  I am okay with that.

Santa swung by early to drop of a sweet treat for me.  He used to bring me a box of raspberry or orange sticks every year.  It was very nice of him to remember me.

Christmas for me means using my genuine Arby’s holiday glasses.  Circa 1985.

One of my most favorite Christmas songs is ‘I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas’.  I have used it for a ring tone for many years.  This year, though, I am tempted to change midway through the season to Nat King Cole’s ‘The Happiest Christmas Tree.’  That is a song that makes me want to dance.  So I do.  Good thing it is only 1:45 minutes long.

This is a big holiday season for our family.  Randy bought a brand new night-light bulb for our mouse Christmas tree.  We had the tree lighting ceremony yesterday and we were amazed at how bright our little tree is now!

Merry Christmas !

~ Dorothy

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