The Season of Cold

Frosty the Snowman would feel right at home in Newport as the temperatures have changed from cold to colder.  It has been into the teens over night.  I have woken up to a beautiful layer of frost crystals on the leaves and branches.  I thought I would dust off my camera and get some pictures.

I also woke up one morning to the sight of flames up over the trees.  This was pre-coffee and I did a double-take.  Then I realized that workers are doing some clearing up over yonder.  They had started a bonfire to burn brush and such.  Or to keep warm.  Or both.

Randy, Roxy, Otis and I had a lovely Thanksgiving,  But right after the holiday, I caught a cold.  Which really made me angry because I had already had a cold this year.  I didn’t want the first one and I certainly didn’t need two of them.  To be nice, I decided to share my cold with Randy.

Being a man, Randy was a lot sicker than I was.

The weather was dreary, Randy and I didn’t feel good and Otis acquired a bad case of cabin fever.  Randy and I kept him occupied with soup bones.  Lots of soup bones.

It was not a nice time to be at our house.  Anybody listening from the outside would have thought that we had tuberculosis or had started a two pack a day habit.  A couple of times we both were coughing so badly that Otis got nervous.  It was no wonder that Roxy made a nest under the bed and would only come out to eat.  Good thing our girl has a 12+ hour bladder.

Thanks to Mucinex, my new favorite drug, I finally started to feel almost human this past Monday.  Helping in the healing was the sunshine.  The entire family was happy to get out of the house … even if it was only a trip to the grocery store.  After sleeping on the couch for the better part of the week, Otis and I were glad to be back in bed with Randy and Roxy.

Things were definitely looking up for me.  For Randy, not so much.  He is a couple of days behind me in the getting well process.

I did learn that it isn’t a good idea for one to do counted crochet when one has been ingesting cold medicine.  I ended up redoing the lap blanket I was working on three times.

There was more TV watching than normal going on the last week as well.  I discovered a wonderful new show on Amazon Prime called ‘Mildred Pierce’ which stars Kate Winslet.  I watched a documentary on Bitcoin which told me nothing on how to get Bitcoin nor how to spend them nor what to spend them on.  Then Randy and I discovered Stranger Things on Netflix.  We were seriously hooked after watching the first show.  The binge watching started and ended up staying up later than two elderly sick people should stay up.  Two seasons of the show went by awful quick and I will be on alert for season three.

Included in the price of our property was a bigroot geranium.  I really wasn’t too keen on it at first.  But … when I was out and about on my frost photoshoot, I noticed all the different colors of the leaves.  My own little splash of fall color, right in my back yard.


Stay warm and healthy !
~ Dorothy

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  1. It is bloody cold out . 23 outside at my home in Covington. Burrrrrrr. Stay warm .

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