The Best of June 2017

It has come to my attention that I have lost my way on a few projects … cleaning out both refrigerators, filing papers, organizing and deleting old and worthless apps from my phone and iPad, writing blogs of the Adventure-Hounds happenings late this summer and early fall and recapping in photos the last few months of 2017.  I have totally forgotten about my project of digitizing pictures from my photo albums.

The list could go on forever.

It has snowed about eleven feet since I got up this morning and I am not unhappy about sitting on the couch next to Otis, watching it snow and listening to Christmas music.  I decided that I would work on my blog this morning, namely writing my ‘Best of September 2017’ post.  In looking through my drafts, i discovered that I never finished and posted the ‘Best of June 2017’.

This could very well be the reason my mind is out of kilter.  So, leaving September for another day, I shall work on June.  It will be interesting to see if the minute I press the ‘publish’ button, will I automatically remember where I put my silver hoop earrings?


Roxy found a feather to protect, then, tired of that, tried to make it into a tasty snack.

Tried being the operative word.

Otis enjoyed guarding his domain from the comfort of his very own lawn chair, which was strategically placed to observe all corners from said lawn chair.

It seems as though hail perplexes Otis.

Not even a heavy June rain washed all the pollen away.  Oil doesn’t mix with water, and apparently, neither does pollen.

And ten days after that stormy day, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

‘Tis the season for bug hunting.  Near as I can tell, I think this is a red leaf beetle.

I watched a crab spider feast on a bee …

… And Randy and I invited the little jumping spider that hung around our patio table to lunch.  He didn’t want a bologna sandwich and we sure as heck didn’t want to share his lunch.

I discovered that most of what I thought were beautiful wildflowers were actually noxious weeds.

Even when the petals drop from the wild roses, what is left is still unusual and beautiful.

I discovered the beauty of Manato Park in Spokane.  I can’t wait to go back during other times

The first of June, I thought I had a forever friend  …

… The middle of June, I met that friend in Portland …

… I discovered that we didn’t meet each others needs for a friend and we both couldn’t get home fast enough.

My dream of going to Hawaii the first part of 2018 was dashed.

Roxy made a nest in the garage …

… While Otis kept an eye on the neighborhood porcupine who stopped by for a visit.

I had the pleasure of meeting Hortense, who loved to sun herself on our rockery.

Hortense decided our place was so wonderful, that she invited her boyfriend, Edmund.

The first of two batches of Mountain Blue Birds were born in our eaves.

And momma robin came back for the second year in a row …

… And hatched a set of triplets.

Roxy, Otis and I were constantly berated by Mad Squirrel.

Randy and I had a small barbecue, quite by accident on my birthday.  At least the group didn’t sing to me.

Randy and I discovered a new growth … a woodland pinedrop.  It is a member of the blueberry family.  Apparently, they are not a close enough family to produce delicious fruit.

I spied a furry friend surveying the summer traffic in Newport and Oldtown.

Roxy enjoyed helping Randy drive the Jeep …

… While Otis guarded the important stuff in the back.

Just to be clear ~ this was a small grocery run, not a day-trip into the forest!

~ Dorothy

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